Malcolmson only Dromore winner

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Donaghadee 86 (6) Dromore 70 (1)

Sammy Malcolmson was the only Dromore winner when they lost by 16 shots away to Donaghadee in NIBA Division 2.

He was 11 shots down at one stage but came back strongly to win by nine shots.

Nathan Haire lost by 11 shots and Gavin Clinghan went down by 12 shots.

Dromore appeared on the way to a second win but Tom Haire dropped a five at the last end to lose by two shots.

C. Gorman 26, T. Heasley, R. Bolton, M. Shaw, N. Haire 15; D. Bell 25, A. Malcolmson, S. Harrison, G. Dawson, G. Clinghan 13; D. Boal 14, B. Taylor, C. Davis, B. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 23; A. N. Other 21, A. Matthews, R. Malcolmson, D. Graham, T. Haire 19.