Lisnagarvey still searching for points after only claiming two in two games

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Lisnagarvey are still searching for points after only managing to pick up two in their last two NIBA Division One games.

One of these came from Philip Cromie at home to Portadown on Saturday when they lost by 16 shots.

Down 5-11 at the tenth and 9-15 at 15 ends Noel Graham lost by five shots though lifting a five at 20 ends.

A six helped Philip Cromie to a 14-6 lead at the tenth and Garvey added a four to lead 24-10 at 15 ends before winning by eight shots to lift Garvey’s only point of the match.

Despite lifting five Neil Mulholland was 7-11 down at the tenth and always trailed to lose by ten shots.

Ahead 10-9 at the tenth but 14-15 down at 15 ends Ivan Craig failed to score again and lost by nine shots.



Before that game, Garvey were under strength for the visit to Banbridge in NIBA Division One and also only managed a point when losing the match by 21 shots.

Down 5-13 at the tenth, John McCloughlin was 6-19 down five ends later and though winning four of the last five ends and lifting two threes, he still lost his game by six shots.

Down 4-13 at the tenth and6-21 at 15 ends Martin Nelson also came back over the closing ends but even with lifting a three Garvey lost by ten shots.

A three and a five helped Noel Graham to a 14-8 lead at the tenth and 16-11 at 15 ends.

Garvey lifted a three but dropped a five to leave the scores 19-19 with an end left when they got the vital single.

Down 2-15 at the tenth Neil Mulholland lifted five at 15 ends but was still 10-17 down.

There was little change over the closing ends and Garvey lost by six shots.