Lisnagarvey just lose out to dominant Whitehead

Lisnagarvey A Bowls team. Pic by Neil Mulholland
Lisnagarvey A Bowls team. Pic by Neil Mulholland

Lisnagarvey gave all conquering, Whitehead a real fright in the NIBA Senior Cup final at the Grove on Thursday night when they battled all the way before going down by three shots.

All neutrals and some Garvey supporters expected Whitehead to run away with it, but they were made to fight all the way before lifting the trophy.

Garvey had played Whitehead, who were in contention for the Irish Cup, NIBA Senior Cup and the League title, twice in the League and were hot favourites in this one.

But, Garvey put all this aside and with everyone ruling them out they can be proud to finish runners-up - and it was fully deserved.

However big wins for Neil Mulholland, especially and Ivan Craig kept Garvey in contention and in the end it was left to John Caldwell and the irrepressible, Marty McHugh to rescue the favourites.

Neil Mulholland lifted two threes and a four to lead 12-10 at the tenth before racking up two, five, three from the 14th end to lead 23-14 and Garvey finished with three, two, one to win by 14 shots.

After starting with a four and adding a three Philip Cromie was still 10-15 down at the tenth and 13-17 at 15 ends before losing by eight shots.

Level 6-6 at the tenth, Ivan Craig lifted a three to lead 12-9 at 15 ends. A four at the next end lifted Garvey and they finished with a double to win by seven shots.

After dropping five and four Noel Graham was 10-13 down at the tenth, but Garvey dropped a killer six at 15 ends to trail 12-26 before lifting singles at the last two ends to lose by 16 shots.

S. Irwin, K. Armstrong, G. McCloughlin, N. Mulholland 30, S. McKinley 16; A. Johnston, J. Shortt, C. Hill, P. Cromie 17, J. Caldwell 25; W. Scott, M. Nelson, J. McCloughlin, I. Craig 19, B. Browne 12; S. Jess, P. Hughes, B. Carroll, N. Graham 15, M. McHugh 31.

Martin wins Belmont singles

Martin Nelson won the singles at the prestigious Belmont Tournament last week.

The Lisnagarvey bowler beat M. Crawford, Bangor 21-9 in the final after winning his way through a large field.