Katie and Eabna new to Dressage

Katie Donnelly, Killderry Captain
Katie Donnelly, Killderry Captain

Saturday, November 23 saw a damp and wet day however this did not stop Hagans Croft’s determined dressage go’ers turning down the centre line.

The day started off with the intro class and a special mention to Anna Fredo from Black Horse Photography who was first to turn down the centre line on her beautiful gelding ‘Archie’.

Megan Houston, Titch

Megan Houston, Titch

This was Anna’s first time out competing in two years and even though she was very nervous the smile on her face said it all, especially when she came home with a sixth place rosette. However it was Megan Houston and ‘Titch’ who came home with the red rosette with a score of 69.29% and Sharon Cowan on for 4 year old ‘Indian Hope’ showing super progress to come home with the blue rosette with a score of 68.33%.

The newcomers class was next on the schedule. This class was primarily added to Hagans Crofts dressage league to encourage those competitors who have been competing at Intro level to move up and compete within a prelim test.

Two competitors - Katie Donnelly riding ‘Killderry Captain’ and Eabna Mallon riding ‘Dreams’ both finished on the same score of 68.25% and also on the same collective mark and walk mark, therefore nothing could separate them and both coming home with the red rosette with their 4 legged friends.

The Prelim class was the largest class of the day, where a British Dressage Prelim 1 test was ridden.

Julie Dauncey, Molly

Julie Dauncey, Molly

The top two horses placed within this class have been out of work for some time due to injury however both horses are showing great progress and are happy to be back out working and competing again, so much so that they both came home with rosettes.

Antoinette Milligan and ‘Kings Appraisal’ in first place and followed by Olivia Courtney and ‘Moo’ in second place.

Onto the Novice class and Debbie McAlister was delighted with ‘Monty’s’ performance considering this was only their second Novice test, but little did they know that their test was so good they were sitting in first place with a score of 66.88%.

Debbie was delighted to come home with a red rosette, which is setting them in good stead for the next 3 weeks of the league.

Debbie McAlister, Monty

Debbie McAlister, Monty

It was great to see Hazel Hilland and ‘Lisbane Butterfly’ back out competing at Hagans Croft fresh from receiving the ‘Bright Outlook Memorial Trophy’ for being Northern Region Sportsman of the Year at the Eventing Ireland Ball.

Hazel and ‘Lisbane Butterfly’ are still on a winning streak as they came home with second place in the Novice class with a score of 65.42%.

Last class of the day was the elementary class where Julie Dauncey and her colourful cob ‘Molly’ strode into first place with a score of 63.91%. Lynsey Adams and ‘Loguestown Papaver’ were turned out immaculately and saluted to a score of 62.81%, taking their blue second place ribbon all the way home to Portrush.

Thank you to all our competitors who supported the first leg of this five week league and Hagans Croft hopes to see you all again next week.

Thanks are extended to the judge Jacky Reid and scribe Sadie Henry.

The League continues every Saturday until December 14 and is open to all competitors even if you have not qualified for the league. A separate prize giving will be held for those competing on the day and those competing in the league. To qualify for the final each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in 3 out of the 5 weeks and within the same dressage class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Crofts website or facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placing each week and within the overall league placings.

Please see website or facebook for more details- www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk or contact Gillian on 07849106453.

Dressage Results Saturday 23rd November 2019

Class 1 - Intro - British Riding Club, Walk/ trot Dressage Test 1, 2014

1) Megan Houston, Titch 69.29%; 2) Sharon Cowan, Indian Hope 68.33%; 3) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 67.86%; 4) Kaiti McCann, Ronaldo 67.62%; 5) Sara McComb, Back to Black 63.1%; 6) Anna Fredo, Archie 62.14%.

Class 2 - Newcomers - British Riding Club Horse Trials Test 80 Q&C, 2013

=1) Katie Donnelly, Killderry Captain 68.25%; =1) Eabna Mallon, Dreams 68.25%; 3) Roberta Maginnis, Moylough Lady 67.5%; 4) Niamh Mathieson, Katie 66.5%; 5) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 66.25%; 6) Jessica House, Khalasar 63.5%.

Class 3 - Prelim - British Dressage Prelim 1, 2006

1) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 72.63%; 2) Olivia Courtney, Moo 72.11%; 3) Keva Milligan, Bannan Storyteller 67.63%; 4) Katie Donnelly, Killderry Captain 66.32%; 5) Anne MacOscar, Russell 66.32%; 6) Emma Foster, Kinder 66.05%.

Class 4 - Novice - British Dressage Novice 34, 2009

1) Debbie McAlister, Monty 66.88%; 2) Hazel Hilland, Lisbane Butterfly 65.42%; 3) Veronica Courtney, Renkum Dave Ja Vue 64.79%; 4) Kathryn McCaughan, Monsoon 64.17%; 5) Alex Cleland, Wolff 63.96%; 6) Julie Dauncey, Molly 61.67%.

Class 5 - Elementary - British Dressage Elementary 42, 2008

1) Julie Dauncey, Molly 6391%; 2) Lynsey Adams, Loguestown Papaver 62.81%.