Jim’s lone win not enough for Valley

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Lagan Valley 65 (1) Antrim 73 (6)

Jim Spence was Lagan Valley’s only winner and they lost by eight shots at home to Antrim in NIBA Division 5.

Spence lifted four and three to lead 12-4 at the tenth and 16-5 at 15 ends before lifting a four at 19 ends to win by seven shots.

Billy Hobson came close when he was 5-8 down at the tenth and 6-13 at 15 ends before coming back with five at the last end to lose by a shot.

Down 9-14 at the tenth and 13-18 at 15 ends John Houston lost by nine shots.

At the tenth Jeff Fawcus was 3-12 down and 6-18 at 15 ends before pulling back seven shots over thelast six ends to lose by five shots.

W. Benson, D. McPherson, W. McAllister, J. Houston 17, R. McCullough 26; A. Jennings, P. Gaffney, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 20, M. Cleaver 13; J. Elliott, P. Watters, B. Lemon, J. Fawcus 13, T. Evans 18; G. Carruthers, R. Johnston, F. Hutchinson, B. Hobson 15, D. McCullough 16.