Jeff gets only Valley point

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Lagan Valley 69 (1) Windsor 84 (6)

Jeff Fawcus was the only Lagan Valley winner when they lost by 15 shots at home to Windsor in NIBA Division 5 on Saturday.

Fawcus was 3-13 down at the tenth but a five and a three helped him to a 14-13 lead at 15 ends. A six at 16 ends helped Valley to an 11 shots win.

Despite lifting a five Jim Spence was 7-9 down at the tenth and 9-14 at 15 ends. Valley lifted a three but lost by four shots. Jim Kinkead lifted a three but was 8-11 down at the tenth and 13-14 at 15 ends before losing by four shots.

Down 6-12 at the tenth and 10-16 at 15 ends Billy Hobson lost by eight shots.

A. Jennings, P. Gaffney, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 18, D. Clarke 22; W. Benson, W. McAllister, J. Hobson, J. Kinkead 16, J. Ward 20; J. Elliott, P. Watters, B. Lemon, J. Fawcus 25, S. Martin 14.

Trevor grabs a point for Finaghy

Finaghy 112 (7) Warrenpoint 52 (0)

Finaghy did their lowly NIBA Division 4 position the world of good with a huge 60 shots win and all seven points at home to Warrenpoint.

The largest win was by Eric Ashton, 25 shots, Trevor Flack and Randal Megrath both won by 13 shots and Greg Peacock got home by nine shots to complete the set.

W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Campbell, R. Megrath 27, R. Aiken 14; T. Brown, E. Rice, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 25, F. McCarthy 16; R. Blevins, J. Moore, G. Stubbs, T. Flack 28, C. McLoughlin 15; H. Wilmont, T. S. Campbell, G. Hall, E. Ashton 32, E. McLoughlin 7.