Ivan and Noel give boost to Garvey

Bowling action from the match between Lisnagarvey B and Newcastle US3016-416PM Pic by Paul Murphy
Bowling action from the match between Lisnagarvey B and Newcastle US3016-416PM Pic by Paul Murphy

Ivan Craig and Noel Graham gave Lisnagarvey a boost on Tuesday night when both won by huge margins in the 28 shots home win over Dundonald in NIBA Division 1.

The win lifted Garvey but they have still a big task ahead to avoid relegation and they could have done with Philip Cromie forcing a win in a tight game, but Davy Boal fell heavily.

P. Cromie 18, J. Frazer 23; I. Craig 38, D. Burns 11; D. Boal 13, M. Foster 31; N. Graham 30, C. Orderly 6.

Bangor 128 (7) Lisnagarvey 49 (0)

Lisnagarvey would have expected nothing away to Bangor and that was what they got in a 79 shots defeat in NIBA Division 1.

R. Hastings 34, I. Craig 11; G. McKee 34, P. Cromie 15; G. Scott 28, N. Graham 12; M. Shannon 32, G. McCloughlin 11.

Denis misses out on half-century

Lisnagarvey B 105 (6) Newcastle 50 (0)

Denis Rankin just missed out on a half-century when winning 48-12 as Lisnagarvey B romped to a 55 shots home win and six points against Newcastle in NIBA Division 4.

Rankin’s rink recorded four and seven to lead 20-5 at the tenth and 38-9 at 15 ends which included a six.

With the help of a three Alton Red was 12-7 up at the tenth and 18-11 at 15 ends before winning by 12 shots.

A three enabled Jim Chapman to lead 10-5 at the tenth but he was 11-12 down at 15 ends before coming back to win by seven shots.

Down 5-11 at the tenth and 6-21 at 15 ends Mark Wilson lost by 17 shots.

T. Law, C. Corry, J. Nelson, D. Rankin 48, K. Rafferty 12; J. Shortt, R. Lemon, K. Johnston, A. Reid 25, L. Cole 13; J. Riley, C. McLean,D. Porter, J. Chapman 22, D. Curry 15; M. Humperson, S. McDowell, B. Maginnis, M. Wilson 10, L. Fitzpatrick 27.

Hilden get vital win over Willowfield

Hilden 87 (5.5) Willowfield 75 (1.5)

Hilden got a vital 12 shots win and 5.5 points against Willowfield in Private Greens Division 2, which helps them in their quest to avoid relegation.

Despite lifting two threes Jonathan Gray was 9-11 down at the tenth but an eight helped him take a 19-13 lead at 15 ends, only to lose by four shots in the end.

A four and two threes helped Keith Morrison to a 15-7 lead at the tenth and 18-11 at 15 ends before winning by 12 shots.

A three and a four helped Trevor Gray to a 12-11 lead at the tenth and a five gave them a 18-14 lead at 15 ends, only to fall back to a tie at the finish.

Ahead 11-6 at the tenth and 13-12 at 15 ends Howard McMullan lost by four shots.

A. Carlisle, J. Liggett, J. McMullan, J. Gray 24, B. Nixon 20; W. Scott, P. Reid, E. Marsden, K. Morrison 26, J. Miles 14; M. McMillen, R. Keag, R. Gourley, T. Gray 21, G. Childs 21; B. Turner, J. Williams, C. Montgomery, H. McMullan 16, J. Moore 20.

Hilden 64 (1) Falls 80 (6)

Hilden managed to get a point at home to Falls in Private Greens Division 2 on Wednesday night though they lost by 16 shots.

Falls are challenging strongly for promotion andTrevor Gray’s win proved important.

W. Scott, N. Marsden, E. Marsden, K. Morrison 10, P. McEwan 18; A. Morrison, J. McWilliams, C. Montgomery, H. McMullan 16, J. Lennon 25; A. Carlisle, J. Liggett, J. McMullan, J. Gray 15, P. McGran 18; M. McNeill, D. Sloan, R. Gourley, T. Gray 26, T. McGetterick 19.

Six points defeat twice for Hilden B

Cavehill B 77 (6) Hilden B 63 (1)

Hilden B met Cavehill B twice in a few days and for the second time on Saturday again lost 6-1.

P. Cowden 20, J. Jordan 12; D. Holmes 23, D. Harron 13; D. McArthur 21, H. Murray 19; M. Mitchell 13, R. Campbell 15.

Hilden B and Cavehill had the first of their two meetings at Llwellyn Avenue on Tuesday night and despite only losing by a shot Hillden could only manage a point in Private Greens Division 5.

Nathan sparks Dromore’s first win

Dromore 84 (5) Donaghadee 82 (2)

Dromore gained their first win of the season when they beat Donaghadee by two shots and took five points on Tuesday night at Holm Park.

Nathan Haire led the way with a 24 shots win and Gavin Clinghan edged a second point with a one shot victory.

S. G. Malcolmson went down by 12 shots and Nick Haire lost by 11 shots.

K. Aiken, R. Malcolmson, B. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 14, C. Dorman 26; G. Dawson, S. Harrison, D. Burns, G. Clinghan 20, W. Boyd 19; A. Matthews, R. Bolton, M. Sloan, Nathan Haire 35, D. Ball 11; K. Poots, J. McKenny, T. Haire, Nick Haire 15, D. Erskine 26.

Dundonald 7 Dromore 0

It was back to earth on Saturday for Dromore when they failed to get a point away to Dundonald in NIBA Division 1.

Dromore B keep promotion push going

Dromore B 82 (6) Antrim 71 (1)

Dromore B kept their promotion push going in NIBA Division 5 when they beat Antrim by 11 shots at home.

Ahead 7-6 at the fifth and 15-7 five ends later Sammy Malcolmson won by nine shots.

At the tenth Aln Sudlow was 8-7 ahead and 15-10 at 15 ends before winning by four shots.

Down 8-27 at 15 ends Jim Maxwell lost by 16 shots.

At the tenth Colin Houston was 13-9 ahead and 17-13 at 15 ends, winning by 14 shots.

T. Ogle, J. Davis, J. Black, S. Malcolmson 20, W. Walker 11; T. Wilson, M. McDonald, K. Dickson, A. Sudlow 20, T. Evans 16; J. Clinghan, T. Neill, H. Maxwell, J. Maxwell 15, D. McKinstry 31; J. Clinghan, S. Harrison, I. Houston, C. Houston 27, M. Cleaver 13.

Valley win helps relegation faers

Lagan Valley 85 (6) Newry 59 (1)

Lagan Valley eased their relegation fears a little in NIBA Division 5 with a 26 shots home win over Newry from which they took six points.

A six helped Jim Kinkead to a 18-9 lead at the tenth and 24-9 at 15 ends before winning by 19 shots.

A five helped Jeff Fawcus to an 11-4 lead at the tenth and 18-6 at 15 ends before getting home by ten shots.

Down 5-8 at the tenth a four helped Michael Blair lead 13-10 at 15 ends and Valley won by two shots.

Down 6-7 at the tenth and despite lifting a four 11-15 at 15 ends George Murdoch lost by five shots.

J. Parkinson, L. McAllister, M. Hanna, J. Kinkead 31, G. Franks 12; A. Jennings, P. Watters, W. Hobson, J. Fawcus 23, M. Fleming 13; D. McPherson, P. Gaffney, J. Spence, M. Blair 17, D. Sloan 15; R. Johnston, P. Coyle, W. Benson, G. Murdoch 14, P. McDonald 19.

Finaghy back to winning ways

Finaghy 95 (6) Holywood 69 (1)

Finaghy got back to winning ways with a 26 shots home success over Holywood in NIBA Division 4.

There were big wins for John Campbell and Trevor Flack, while Greg Peacock squeezed home by a shot.

H. Wilmont, G. Hall, R. Mergrath, E. Ashton 16, G. Clarke 20; P. Cairnduff, J. Curry, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 17, P. Douglas 16; W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Cairnduff, J. H. Campbell 30, R. McAleer 19; R. Blevins, T. McKeown, G. Stubbs, T. Flack 32, P. Getty 14

Malone fail to get a win

Dunbarton B 7 Malone 0

Malone failed to gt a point away to Dunbarton B in Private Greens Division 4 but they did come close on two rinks.

Eric Mairs went right to the last end and David Nelson was well ahead before fading to lose by a shot.

Terry Monro and Frazer Thompson both lost.

Fixtures for tomorrow (Saturday), 2pm

NIBA: DIVISION 1:Dromore v Bangor, Lisnagarvey v Divis. (Thursday 28th, Whitehead v Lisnagarvey, Banbridge v Dromore).

Division 4: Cloughey v Lisnagarvey B, Newcastle v Finaghy.

DIVISION 5: BETS v Lagan Valley, Newry v Dromore B.

PRIVATE GREENS, Division 2: Salisbury v Hilden.

DIVISION 4: Malone v Ards B.


Sadie was a much respected local bowler

Sadie Jess, who died on July 12 was a much respected local bowler and especially at two clubs in recent years.

She played for many years in the Lisburn Indoor Bowling League with St Paul’s, but her main interest, along with husband Tommy over many years was at her own church club, Christ Church, where she was a much loved member.

Following Tommy’s recent death Sadie continued for some time at Christ Church until illness limited her activities.

However, throughout Lisburn bowling circles Sadie was a well-known and talented player who will be missed by many. Indeed, many will recall way back in their younger years Sadie and Tommy joined to win the Irish National Short Mat pairs.

Both were very regular worshippers at Christ Church and after Tommy’s death Sadie continued the church attendance.

Sympathy goes out to the family circle of Pauline, Doreen, Wilfred, Margaret and Jennifer,