‘Hot’ Ken steers Garvey B to win

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Lisnagarvey B 92 (5) Holywood 74 (2)

Ken Armstrong’s rink lifted a “hot shot” at the seventh and went on to win by 19 shots when Lisnagarvey B took five points in a 18 shots home win over Holywood in NIBA Division 4.

The rink lifting an eight was George Martin, Stuart McDowell, Maurice Adamson and Armstrong.

They lifted five and four before the eight to lead 20-5 at the tenth and 25-8 at 15 ends before adding two threes to win by 19 shots.

Down 5-12 at the tenth Alton Reid lifted a three to level 12-12 at 15 ends and went on to win by four shots.

A three helped Jim Chapman to an 11-5 lead at the tenth and a six at 15 ends gave Garvey a 23-14 advantage but they dropped two four and three to lose by four shots.

After lifting three Denis Rankin was 7-6 ahead at the tenth but 8-14 down five ends later. Despite finishing with one, one, two, three, three Garvey lost by a shot.

C. Curry, A. O’Rourke, D. Porter, A. Reid 19, R. McAteer 15; T. Law, K. Whittington, B. Lemon, J. Chapman 23, C. Lock 27; G. Martin, S. McDowell, M. Adamson, K. Armstrong 33, P. Doyle 14; J. Riley, K. Johnston, J. Nelson, D. Rankin 17, T. Gordon 18.