Honours are even in the Garvey league

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Dunmurry 5

Derriaghy 5

It was honours even when Dunmurry and Derriaghy shared a five-all draw in the Lisnagarvey Darts League this week.

Dunmurry winners were M Guy (100), C Waterworth (127,140), J Millen Sr (100,125), D Johnston (122), B Jackson(100x2).

Replying for the visitors Derriaghy to earn a share of the spoils were J Lyttle (100,125,21 darts), R Millen (100,105), T Thorpe (140), L Lison, A Prentice (140).

Ballymac 0 Anvil 10

Anvil powered to victory with a 10-0 win over Ballymac in the league last weekend as they took the spoils in style.

Wins from J. McDonald, P. Nelson (2x100), J. Murray, D. Dawson Jnr, C. Nelson (100), A. Williamson, J. Ling (122), B. Bird, M. Thompson, P. Ridge (100, 140, 21 darts) secured the superb victory for the visiting side.

Ballylesson 1 Hillsborough 9

Hillsborough eased to victory in the leaague this week with a superb 9-1 win over Ballylesson.

Ballylesson’s lone winner in the match was J Gould (114).

Starring for visitors Hillsborough to take a fantastic win in the match were J Murray, P McAuley, D Gibson (100, 19 Darts), K Cain, C McClements, P Cain, V Smith (100x2, 19 Darts), N Bryans, B McAfee.

Whites 1 Benmore 9

Visitors Benmore got the better of Whites when they met in the league last weekend, with the away side securing a fantastic 9-1 victory.

Whites’ lone winner in the match was S Moulds 102 out shot.

Hitting the target to take the victory for Benmore were C Dillon (101), R McClean (3 x 100), A Adams (2 x 100), G Walker (1 x 100 & 140), T Dillon (3 x 100), I Ringland, C Kane (1 x 100 and 21 darts) , R Williamson (140) and R Hamilton (1 x 100).

Beattie B 4 1st Blues 6

Visitors 1st Blues captured a fine 6-4 win over Beattie B in the league.

Beattie winners were K Watson (100), N Walker (100), S White (100, 125), J McHale (2x100).

Securing the spoils with wins for the Blues were B Johnston, C McCutcheon (100), S Childs, S Tully, B Mawhinney (2x100 22 darts), A Garrot (100).

Sandymount 1

Downside 9

Downside were victorious on their visit to Sandymount in the league this week as they away side captured a fantastic 9-1 win.

Powering to victory for Downside to ensure the spoils for their team were I Gibson (100), S Benson (180), B McMichael Jnr (2x100,140), M Wood (100,140, 22 darts), J Sommerville (100, o/s 105), J Bishorek Jnr, S Martin (100), G Sedge, W Ricketts (100).

Sandymount’s lone winner was C Rainey.

Whites 1 Benmore 9

Brilliant Benmore took a superb away win in the Lisnagarvey Darts league this week as the away side defeated their hosts Whites 9-1.

Whites winner was S Moulds 102 o/s.

Securing the win to take the spoils in style for Benmore were C Dillon (101), R McClean (3x100), A Adams (2x100), G Walker (100, 140), T Dillon (3x100), I Ringland, C Kane (100, 21 darts), R Williamson (140), R Hamilton (100).

Bleachers 4 Highway 6

Bleachers and Highway fought out a terrific match in the league this week, with the visitors just edging the match to secure a fine 6-4 win for the Highway men.

Hosts Bleachers put up a fine fight in the match, with wins coming from S Rice (135), B Gorman, A Heasley (100), C Nixon (100).

Highway, however, proved to be too strong for their hosts as the visitors took the spoils in style with victories for S Willis (100, 121, 20 dart finish), B Flanagan (100, 140, 103 finish, 21 darts), J Bishorek (121, 108 finish, 18 darts), D Moorehead (140), E Mullan, M Lilley (100, 125).