‘Honour’ for John as he is elected 2015 Captain of Lisburn Golf Club

Lisburn captain John Boyd.
Lisburn captain John Boyd.

Despite the freezing cold weather there was a good attendance at the Annual General Meeting of Lisburn Golf Club in the clubhouse last Monday night.

The captain Peter Cairns welcomed the members and conducted the meeting which passed the council reports.

The Hon. Treasurer, Ernie Taylor gave the Finance report and stated that the club had a satisfactory year. The recommendations for the annual subscription rates for the coming year were approved.

The outgoing captain then thanked the members and staff for their help during his very enjoyable year of office. His year ended on a high note with the completion of the new greenkeeper’s shed.

After declaring all offices vacant the President Andrew Crawford chaired the meeting. The outgoing captain proposed the vice-captain John Boyd as the captain for 2015. The proposal was seconded by Martin McDonald.

The new captain said it was a great honour to be elected captain of this Club of Distinction and looked forward to the challenge. He reminded those present that Council members and team captains worked voluntary and gave up a lot of their time for the benefit of the club.

He asked the members to give them their full support and wished everyone good health to enjoy the golf in the coming season.

Ken Haslem was elected the new vice-captain. He has been a great supporter of all the Lisburn teams and captained one of them last year.

He spent much time as Competitions Secretary in ‘persuading’ the computer to work but always managed to get the results out on time.

Noel Robinson and Ernie Taylor were re-elected Hon Secretary and Hon. Treasurer respectively. There were five nominations for five vacancies on the council. These places were filled by Neil Patton, Richard McDermott, Dr. Sam Moore, Roy Stewart and Glenn Walsh.

The captain proposed Bobby Howard as an Honorary Member. Bobby is the longest serving member of the club, an ex-captain and president. Bob Roulston seconded the proposal and Bobby made a suitable reply. The members showed their approval by acclimation.

The meeting ended with the captain entertaining those present with a drink at the bar.