Hillsborough Social win Lisburn Zone Charity Cup

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Hillsborough Social ended Ballinderry’s recent run of success which had saw them pick up titles at World, Irish and local level, when they won the Lisburn Zone Charity Cup with a 12 shots victory at St Paul’s Parish Hall last Tuesday night.

It was some consolation for Social after missing out narrowly on ending Ballinderry’s League record last month and it was their second win from three meetings this season.

At the halfway stage there were only two shots in it following wins for Michael Beattie and Paul Reid. But, after the break Hillsborough won on both occasions through the Haire brothers, Nick and Nathan.

In the opening game Michael Beattie lifted one, two but Eddie Marsden came back with one, three. Hillsborough added four at the fifth and after Ballinderry lifted a single Beattie finished with two, three, one, three to win by 11 shots.

On the other mat, Paul Reid started with two, two, one and after both added two singles Robert Sloan lifted a double. Reid finished with two threes to win by nine shots.

Singles were the name of the game when Raymond Stubbs took a 2-0 lead, but Nick Haire levelled after the next two ends, only for Ballinderry to add two more singles. Hillsborough finished with three, two, one to win by four shots.

Nathan Haire started with two singles and after Gordon Stubbs picked up a three. Social lifted three, one and after dropping a single added three, one. Doubles were exchanged to leave Hillsborough winners by six shots.

J. Marsden, L. Murphy, S. Cavan, E. Marsden 5, V. McCarthy, D. Verner, M. Trainor, M. Beattie 16; A. Morrison, D. Peden, S. McSorley, P. Reid 13, G. Ervine, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, R. Sloan 4; D. Brownlie, J. McKinstry, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 4, A. Riley, J. Newell, K. Trainor, N. Haire 8; R. McKinstry, L. Graham, K. Morrison, G. Stubbs 6, T. Heasley, D. McCallion, T. Crawford, N. D. Haire 12.