Hilden start with a win

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Hilden 79 (5) Comber 66 (2)

Hilden started the season in Private Greens Division 2 with a 13 shots home win and five points against Comber.

New signing, Keith Morrison led the way with a 15 shots success and Jonathan McMullan also chalked up a four shots win.

Colin Montgomery and Raymond Gourley both lost by three shots but they did enough to give Hilden the bonus points.

M.McQuillan, D.Ferguson, D.Sloan, C.Montgomery 16, J.McBride 19; J.Williams, P. Harvey, T.Gray, R.Gourley 15, T.Orr 18; V.Bryans, J.Liggett, R.Keag, J.McMullan 21, L.McBride 17; A.Carlisle, A.Morrison, H.McMullan, K.Morrison 27, T.McBride 12.

Hilden B take all seven

Comber B 51.5 (0) Hilden B 74 (7)

Hilden B made a good start to the season by taking all seven points away to Comber B in Private Greens Division 5.

Comber could only field 12 players and they were quartered on all the rinks.

Hugh Murray went down by two shots but after quartering won by 3.5 shots.

Drew Harron had an easy success which saw him win by 12.5 shots.

It was a tight battle for Robin Campbell but after quartering he emerged winning by 2.5 shots.

Max McClean completed the set for Hilden as he got home comfortably by six shots.

M.Smyth, L.Finlay, N.Mawhinney, H.Murray 17, A.Neill 13.5; D.Dawson, P.Logan, B. Garrett, D.Harron 20, N.Gough 7.5; A.Harron, E.Finlay, I.Harrison, R.Campbell 19, A.Logue 16.5; P.Montgomery, M.Langston, J.Jordan, M.McClean 18, B.Magill 12.