Hilden get nothing at Falls

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Falls 97 (7) Hilden 49 (0)

Hilden got nothing from their journey to Falls in Private Greens Division 2 and they lost by 48 shots.

Colin Montgomery came closest to getting something from the match when his rink went down by a shot after getting a last end double and just missing a three.

B. McEwean 16, C. Montgomery 15; P. McGarrity 32, K. Morrison 7; E. Morgan 27, R. Gourley 15; M. Leckey 22, T. Gray 12.

Six points for Hilden B

Hilden B 79 (6) Mossley B 70

Hilden B took six points from a nine shots home win over Mossley B in Private Greens Division 5.

A three helped Hugh Murray to a 12-6 lead at the tenth and he added a four to lead 21-6 at 15 ends before including two more fours to win by 17 shots.

Level 7-7 at the tenth Max McClean took an 11-9 lead by 15 ends and went on to win by two shots.

Down 5-8 at the tenth and 7-18 at 15 ends Drew Harron lost by 13 shots.

At the tenth Robin Campbell was 6-11 down and 10-14 five ends later but he lifted two threes to come back strongly for a three shots win.

B. Garrett, N. Mawhinney, C. Morrison, H. Murray 30, S. McTasney13; M. Smyth, L. Finlay, J. Jordan, M. McClean 15, W. Crawford 13; A. Harron, D. Dawson, M. Langston, D. Harron 15, T. Owens 28; E. Finlay, I. Harrison, M. Reid, R. Campbell 19, S. Saulters 16.