Hilden draw a blank on their visit to Ards

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Hildren draw a blank in their match at Ards last weekend while the B team only fared slightly better.

Ards 88 (7) Hilden 68 (0)

Hilden travelled to Ards in Private Greens Division 2 but got nothing for their efforts when going down by 20 shots.

Raymond Gourley only lost by a shot and Keith Morrison was three down. Jonathan McMullan was five shots short.

But, Trevor Gray was 11 shots down.

C. Robson 20, J. McMullan 15; J. Newell 29, T. Gray 18; B. Thompson 16, R. Gourley 15; A. Adair 23, K. Morrison 20.

Hilden B topple

Willowfield in cup

Hilden B 73 (1) Ulster Transport B 75 (6)

Hilden B scored a shock one shot win over Willowfield B in the first round of the Private Greens Junior Cup but then lost by two shots at home to Ulster Transport B in Private Greens Division 5.

Drew Harron made the big effort, leading 10-3 at the tenth and 16-4 at 15 ends before winning by 19 shots.

A five helped Hugh Murray to a 12-10 lead at the tenth and 17-13 at 15 ends but Hilden lost by six shots.

Down 3-12 at the tenth Max McClean pulled back to 12-15 at 15 ends but dropped two, three, four at the finish to lose by six shots.

At the tenth Robin Campbell was 7-10 down and 11-14 at 15 ends before losing by nine shots.

M. Smyth, W. Garrett, C. Morrison, H. Murray 18, J. McAdam 24; A. Harron, P. Logan, D. Ferguson, D. Harron 24, S. Craig 5; D. Dawson, L. Finlay, N. Mawhinney, M. McClean 18, R. Turner 24; E. Finlay, I. Harrison, M. Reid, R. Campbell 13, S. McCarter 22.

Dromore crash out of NIBA Cup

Dromore crashed out of the NIBA Senior Cup away to Portadown in a second round tie on Wednesday night.

They lost on all four rinks and were never really in contention.

Blank day for Dromore B

BETS 93 (6.5)

Dromore B 57 (0.5)

Dromore B were totally outplayed when they lost by 36 shots away to BETS in NIBA Division 5 and they they only managed to get half-a-point.

Down 5-13 at the tenth and 10-17 at 15 ends Alan Sudlow lost by 13 shots.

At the tenth Ian Houston was 9-13 down and 12-23 at 15 ends though he did come back but lost by six shots.

Ahead 10-4 at the tenth and 15-11 at 15 ends Ken Aiken could not press home the advantage and had to settle for a tie.

Down 7-10 at the tenth and 8-15 at 15 ends Sammy Malcolmson lost by17 shots.

W. Fox 27, W. J. Morgan, R. Bolton, R. Malcolmson, A. Sudlow 14; N. McNeill 23, D. Brown, T. Bell, N. Shaw, I. Houston 17; R. Kane 18, J. Clinghan, J. Black, H. Maxwell, K. Aiken 18; D. Moore 25, T. Ogle, J. Davis, K. Poots, S. Malcolmson 8.