Hilden B win Cup tie

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Hilden B 90 Musgrave B 67

Hilden B reached the second round of the IBA Junior Cup with a 23 shots home win over Musgrave B.

At the tenth Robin Campbell was 14-11 ahead but level 17-17 five ends later. Hilden were 21-18 up with two ends left but dropped three shots.

Drew Harron was 14-11 ahead at the tenth and 15-11 at 15 ends. Hilden were 19-11 ahead at 17 ends but had to settle for a tie.

Ahead 11-4 at the tenth and 16-6 at 15 ends Max McClean went on to win by nine shots.

Hugh Murray was 15-8 in front at the tenth and 23-9 at 15 ends before winning by 14 shots.

A. Smyth, E. Finlay, I. Harrison, R. Campbell 21, R. Wilson 21; A. Harron, P. Logan, D. Dawson, D. Harron 19, J. O’Neill 19; B. Greenan, N. Falvey, J. Jordan, M. McClean 22, B. Feeney 13; B. Garrett, L. Finlay, C. Morrison, H. Murray 28, M. Rafferty 14.