Hilden B ease to six points with fine home win

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Hilden B 83 (6)

Belfast 48.5 (1)

Hilden B eased to six points with a 34.5 shots home win over Belfast in Private Greens Division 5.

Ahead 14-3 at the tenth and 18-7 at 15 ends John Jordan won by ten shots.

Ater starting with four, one, three Robin Campbell was 14-6 ahead at the tenth and 22-14 at 15 ends before winning by seven shots.

Though starting with a three Max McClean was 6-9 down at the tenth and 9-14 at 15 ends before losing by three shots.

Two threes and a five helped Hugh Murray to a 15-5 lead at the tenth and 26-5 at 15 ends. After the opposition were quartered Hilden won by 20.5 shots.

B. Turner, B. Garrett, D. Ferguson, J. Jordan 19, L. Crozier 9; M. McQuillan, C. Montgomery, D. Dawson, R. Campbell 23, H. Johnston 16; A. Harron, M. Langston, M. Reid, M. McClean 13, K. Brown 16; M. Smyth, A. Carlisle, R. Gourley, H. Murray 28, D. Bosworth 7.5.