Garvey struggling against relegation in NIBA Division 1

Action from the bowls between Lisnagarvey B v Annalong at Warren Gardens US2416-402PM Pic by Paul Murphy
Action from the bowls between Lisnagarvey B v Annalong at Warren Gardens US2416-402PM Pic by Paul Murphy

Lisnagarvey are struggling to avoid relegation from NIBA Division 1 and though they took five points during the past week the failure to get a point on Saturday away to Banbridge plunged them back into trouble.

Noel Graham came closest to a win but lost by three shots. Philip Cromie went down by six shots and Davy Boal lost by nine shots but Ivan Craig’s rink was outplayed.

C. Dennison 22, N. Graham 19; G. Blakely 24, P. Cromie 18; A. O’Keefe 24, D. Boal 15; S. Skelton 37, I. Craig 6

Lisnagarvey 86 (5)

Portadown 77 (2)

Lisnagarvey got an important win on Tuesday night with a nine shots success at home to Portadown in BIBA Division 1.

Noel Graham laid the foundation for the victory with a 22 shots win and Philip Cromie gained the other point with a seven shots success.

Davy Boal came close but lost by two shots and Ivan Craig went down by 18 shots.

P. Cromie 26, D. Jordan 19; I. Craig 12, R. McMullan 30; N. Graham 33, A. Corrigan 11; D. Boal 15, M. Sproule 17.

Garvey B get Cup

walkover and Jim stars

Lisnagarvey B 72 (4)

Annalong 65 (3)

Lisnagarvey B received a walkover into the semi-final of the NIBA Junior Cup when Castle B pulled out of their game on Wednesday night due to shortage of players.

They followed up this good news when Jim Chapman was their only winner but he did enough to give them four precious points at home to Annalong in NIBA Division 4 on Saturday.

To threes and a four gave Chapman a 15-8 lead at the tenth and 21-9 at 15 ends before winning by 15 shots.

Ahead 11-3 at the tenth and 13-10 at 15 ends Denis Rankin lost by a shot in the end,

At the tenth Alton Reid was 6-12 down and 11-15 at 15 ends before losing by five shots.

In a really close battle Ken Armstrong was 8-7 ahead at the tenth and 10-9 at 15 ends but Garvey just missed out by two shots.

T. Law, C. McKnight, J. Nelson, D. Rankin 18, C. Lonsdale 19; . McBride, C. Curry, M. Simpson, A. Reid 14, J. McCormick 19; K. Whittington, A. McIlroy, S. McDowell, K. Armstrong 13, J. Stevenson 15; P. McLean, T. McCallum, K. Johnston, J. Chapman 27, B. Sloan 12.

Latest winners are

Sonia and Eddie

The winners at the Seymour Street Methodist Indoor Bowling Club Summer Tournament on Monday night were Sonia Foye and Eddie McCallion..

The bowling continues each Monday night from 7.30 pm and all will be made very welcome.

Why not go along and enjoy the bowls and the fun?