Garvey set up possible derby with Dromore

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Castle 73 Lisnagarvey 84

Lisnagarvey reached the semi-final of the NIBA Senior Cup with a 21 shots win away to Castle on Wednesday night.

They will play the winner of the Donaghadee v Dromore quarter final, which was put back a week, in the semi-final with the prospect of a derby meeting with Dromore.

Two threes and a five gave Philip Cromie a 18-4 lead at the tenth and 22-7 at 15 ends before Garvey added a three and a four to win by 18 shots.

Two threes put Neil Mulholland 12-8 ahead at the tenth and a four and a three made it 20-12 at 15 ends. Garvey finished with one, three to win by 15 shots.

After dropping two fours and a three Ivan Craig was 9-13 down at the tenth and Garvey dropped three and five to go 12-22 behind at 15 ends.

They dropped another four and lost by 18 shots.

Two threes gave Noel Graham a 12-6 lead at the tenth and 17-10 at 15 ends. Garvey dropped a three at the last end but still won by six shots.

G. Peters 12, A. Johnston, J. Shortt, C. Hill, P. Cromie 30; H. McFarland 14, S. Irwin, J. Chapman, M. Nelson, N. Mulholland 29; M. Stokendson 31, G. Riley, K. Armstrong, G. McCloughlin, I. Craig 13; M. McKeown 16, S. Jess, P. Hughes, B. Carroll, N. Graham 22.

Adrian wins but Garvey B go out

Donaghadee 83 Lisnagarvey B 66

Lisnagarvey B lost their NIBA Junior Cup quarter final tie by 17 shots away to Donaghadee on Wednesday night.

Adrian McNevison got their only win with a ten shots success and Derek Rankin only went down by two shots.

But, Alton Reid lost by eight shots and Phil Lavery by 15 shots.

W. Brown 16, A. Smyth, B. Lemon, D. Rankin, A. McNevison 26; R. Smith 19, K. Johnston, D. Maginniss, M. Wilson, D. Rankin 17;

B. Donnell 20, J. Reilly, R. McBride, J. Nelson, A. Reid 12; J. Neill 26, I. McClean, S. McDowell, B. McMullan, P. Lavery 11.

Dromore bow out of Irish Cup

Dromore 57 Ballymena 89

Dromore have had a good run in the IBA Senior Cup but they bowed out on Saturday when going down by 32 teams to one of the top teams, Ballymena, at Holm Park.

They lost on all four rinks with Nathan Haire down by eight shots, Tom Haire by six shots, Gavin Clinghan fell by 13 shots and Billy Clinghan went down by five shots.

W. Steenson, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, H. Haire 15, N. Robinson 23; T. Heasley, J. McKenny, D. Graham, T. Haire 13,

A. Duncan 19; A. Matthews, J. Harvey, D. McCandless, G. Clinghan 12, S. Coleman 25; W. Taylor, R. Malcolmson, A. Malcolmson, W. Clinghan 17, J. Baker 22.