Garvey remain in relegation trouble after defeat away to Donaghadee

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Lisnagarvey remain in relegation trouble following a 22 shots defeat and 1.5 points away to Donaghadee in NIBA Division 1 on Tuesday night.

Ivan Craig got the win, by two shots and Philip Cromie tied his game.

D. Ball 19, I. Craig 21; W. Boyd 21, N. Graham 16; D. Erskine 21, P. Cromie 21; C. Dorman 29, D. Boal 9.

Hilden get two points at Ballymena

Ballymena B 80 (5) Hilden 73 (2)

Hilden are still battling for points in the lower regions of Private Greens Division 2 and they had to settle for two more in a seven shots defeat away to Ballymena B.

A week earlier Hilden had beaten Ballymena in the Cup quarter final, but they could not repeat the scoreline.

There were good wins for Howard McMullan and Jonathan Gray but this was not enough after Keith Morrison lost by six shots and Trevor Gray fell heavily.

S. Allen 31, N. Marsden, D. Sloan, R. Keag, T. Gray 11; J. Coulter 13, A. Carlisle, J. Liggett, J. McMullan, J. Gray 19; R. Torrington 23, A. Morrison, R. Gourley, E. Marsden, K. Morrison 17; J. Lynn 13, M. McQuillan, J. Williams, C. Montgomery, H. McMullan 26.

Three matches in five days for Hilden B

Belfast 6 Hilden B 1

The run of three matches inside five days started on Tuesday night when Hilden B travelled to Belfast in Private Greens Division 5.

The teams had met at Hilden on the previous Saturday with Hilden easily claiming six points, but that result was changed around on Tuesday night.

Belfast took six points with Hilden getting one thanks to John Jordan and Hugh Murray both claiming ties.

Hilden B 6 Cavehill B 1

This time, on Wednesday night, Hilden B came out on top to claim six points off Cavehill B in Private Greens Division 5.

Max McClean had a comfortable 17-10 win, Raymond Gourley, called up as a late replacement won 15-12 and Ian McDonald, who normally just plays in the Midweek League, lifted three shots at the last end to win 13-12.

Hugh Murray, who had shared the spoils a night earlier, lost by four shots.

Mossley B W/O Hilden B

Hilden could not field a team on Saturday and conceded the Private Greens Division 5 match to Mossley B.

Four teams dropped out of the division in the opening weeks of the season, leaving those remaining with a huge programme. Something which has to be looked at next year.

Terry’s easy win is the only one

Malone 66 (1)

Willowfield B 87 (6)

Terry Monro was the only Malone winner against Willowfield B in Private Greens Division 4 but even the easy success could not prevent the home team losing by 21 shots.

Monro raced to a 15-3 lead at the tenth and 22-9 at 15 ends before winning by 17 shots.

At the tenth Frazer Thompson was 3-10 down and 7-12 at 15 ends. Even though he lifted a three Malone still lost by nine shots.

Down 4-14 at the tenth Irwyn McKay lifted a five but was still seven shots down at 15 ends and lost by ten shots.

Ahead 9-4 at the tenth but 9-20 down five ends later Alan Kerr lost by 19 shots.

J. Finlay, U. Ramsey, B. Carson, F. Thompson 12, E. Dowds 21; R. Wilson, R. Collins, J. Grant, A. Kerr 12, D. Smith 31; I. McIntyre, J. Wilson, E. Mairs, I. McKay 14, R. Walker 24; A. Logan, M. Brown, R. Miars, T. Monro 28, T. Graham 11.

Final night at Seymour Street

The Summer indoor bowilng tournaments at Seymour Street Methodist came to an end for the season on Monday night with another good attendance.

The winners on the last night were Sheila Buchanan and Ken Johnston.

The organisers would like to thank all those who supported them during the Summer months and hope it was enjoyed by all.

Local teams in

relegation trouble

With the partial holiday period upon us this is a good time to look at the fortunes of local teams and sad to say six of the nine are in relegation battles.

LISNAGARVEY A and B: the senior team lost again on Tuesday night andn remain firmly in the relegation battle. It would take a few outstanding results to help them stay in NIBA Division 1.

The B team beat NIBA Division 4 leaders, Ulster Maple Leaf by a shot and took six points which moved them from bottom spot to two places above this.

Division 4 is highly competitive and Garvey can stay up over the coming weeks.

DROMORE A and B: the A team are already all but relegated from NIBA Division 1, but the B team are on the verge of the Division 5 promotion race.

HILDEN A and B: the A team remain in Private Greens Division 2 relegation fight, but have it in their own hands to stay up.

The B team are mid-table in Division 5.

MALONE: it will be a surprise if they avoid relegation from Private Greens Division 4, though with teams continually folding they could escape by this route.

LAGAN VALLEY: currently bottom of NIBA Division 5 they have a lot of work to do if they hope to stay up.

FINAGHY: a recent good run in NIBA Division 4 has surely at least secured their future status.

Matches involving local teams tomorrow

(Saturday), 2pm

NIBA: DIVISION 1: Dromore v Donaghadee, Lisnagarvey v Dundonald.

DIVISION 4: Holywood v Lisnagarvey B, Ulster Maple Leaf v Finaghy.

DIVISION 5: Antrim v Lagan Valley, Donaghadee B v Dromore B.

There will be no Private Greens matches on Saturday.