Frazer is only Malone winner

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Willowfield B 94 (1) Malone 61 (1)

Frazer Thompson was the only winner for Malone when they lost by 34 shots away to Willowfield B in Private Greens Division 4.

But, it was a big win - by 15 shots.

David Nelson lost by 13 shots, Terry Monro by 27 shots and Eric Mairs by eight shots.

J. Childs 27, R. Mairs, R. Cottell, A. Kerr, D. Nelson 14; J. Graham 9, D. Magee, A. Logan, J. Finlay, F. Thompson 24; W. Thompson 34, M. Browne, A. McKillop, B. Cheyne, T. Monro 7; M. Hedley 24, H. Ramsey, M. Scott, I. McKay, E. Mairs 16.