Finaghy lose by a shot in Cup

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Finaghy 75 Holywood 76

Finaghy lost by a shot in an exciting finish to the NIBA Intermediate Cup quarter final at home to Holywood on Wednesday night.

Greg Peacock was their only winner, but he had 16 shots to spare.

John Campbell just failed by a shot and there was a six shots defeats for Trevor Flack and Joe Cairnduff went down by ten shots.

S. Campbell, H. Wilmont, E. Ashton, J. Campbell 20, C. Lock 21; T. Brown, B. Kane, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 29, R. McAteer 13; R. Blevings, E. Rice, T. McKeown, T. Flack 13, P. Getty 19; W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, J. Cairnduff 13, P. Douglas 23.

Finaghy 77 (3.5) Ulster Maple Leaf 77 (3.5)

Finaghy had another exciting finish on Saturday in NIBA Division 4 when they ended up level with Ulster Maple Leaf and shared the seven points.

Joe Cairnduff set up the chance for a Finaghy win when his rink were winners by 17 shots and Trevor Flack got home by two shots.

But, John Campbell lost by nine shots and Greg Peacock went down by ten shots.

T. Flack 18, S. Brown 16; J. Campbell 12, S. McMillan 21; J. Cairnduff 29, K. Sutherland 12; G. Peacock 18, V. Davidson 28.

Valley fall in IBA Cup but reach NIBA semis

Brookgreen 79 Lagan Valley 60

After reaching the NIBA Intermediate Cup semi-finals, Lagan Valley missed out in the IBA Junior Cup on Saturday when they lost by 19 shots to Brookgreen in Coleraine.

Ahead 11-7 at the tenth but down 12-17 at 15 ends Jim Parkinson lost by two shots.

At the tenth Jeff Fawcus was down 8-12 and 10-16 at 15 ends before losing by ten shots.

Down 8-9 at the tenth and 9-15 at 15 ends Jim Spence lost by six shots.

Jim Kinkead was 6-10 down at the tenth but 13-12 ahead at 15 ends but Valley dropped four, two at the closing ends to go down by a shot.

B. Laverty 19, A. Jennings, M. Hanna, F. Hutchinson, J. Parkinson 17; J. Hunter 22, M. Pratt, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 12; N. McMullen 19, P. Gaffney, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 13; R. McClements 19, H. Williams, B. Lemon, W. Benson, J. Kinkead 18.

Lagan Valley 78 Glengormley 57

Success right across the green gave Lagan Valley a semi-final place in the NIBA Intermediate Cup on Tuesday night at the Recreation Centre..

Ahead 8-4 at the tenth and 15-5 at 15 ends Jeff Fawcus did drop a five before the end but still won by five shots.

Jim Parkinson was 11-6 ahead at the tenth and 18-9 before slipping back a bit but still winning by six shots.

Down 2-11 at the sixth and 7-15 at 15 ends Jim Spence was still 14-16 down at 15 ends but came storming back to win by five shots.

Ahead 9-8 at the tenth and 12-10 at 15 ends Jim Kinkead pulled away over the closing ends to win by five shots.

M. Platt, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 18, J. Martin 13; A. Jennings, R. Stewart, W. Benson, J. Parkinson 21, B. Nesbitt 15; P. Gaffney, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 22, D. Jervis 17; P. Watters, B. Lemon, W. Hobson, J. Kinkead 17, D. Morgan 12.