Dromore take six at home

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Dromore 73 (6) Balmoral B 67 (1)

Dromore took another step towards promotion from NIBA Division 2 with a six shots home win over Balmoral from which they took six points.

There were wins for Nathan and Tom Haire and Gavin Clinghan to offset a defeat for S. G. Malcolmson.

B. Taylor, R. Niblock, W. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 14, A. Nixon 25; W. Dawson, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, N. Haire 19, W. Coulter 13; T. Heasley, J. McKenny, D. Graham, T. Haire 21, J. Kane 15; J. Mullen, A. Sudlow, G. Dawson, G. Clinghan 19, A. Bickerstaff 14.

Fruitful visit to Castle for Dromore B

Castle B 68 (2) Dromore B 88 (5)

Dromore B travelled to Castle B in NIBA Division 5 and came home with five points from a 20 shots win.

Ahead 10-8 at the tenth and 16-12 at 15 ends Tom Sudlow won by six shots.

At the tenth Kenny Aiken was 12-8 up and 19-9 at 15 ends before winning by 19 shots.

Down 9-13 at the tenth Sam Malcolmson was pulled back to 13-14 five ends later and lost by four shots.

Down 12-13 at the tenth Alan Sudlow was then 14-17 down at 15 ends and lost by a shot.

G. Morton 16, A. Clinghan, J. Topley, H. Maxwell, T. Sudlow 22; T. Hoy 10, W. J. Morgan, K. Dickson, J. Black, K. Aiken 29; J. Neill 20, K. Ogle, M. McDowell, I. Houston, S. Malcolmson 16; H. Douglas 22, C. Davis, H. Davis, S. Harrison, A. Sudlow 21.