Dromore set up semi-final with Lisnagarvey

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Donaghadee 64 Dromore 80

Dromore set up a NIBA Senior Cup semi-final with Lisnagarvey, which was played on Wednesday night, when they won by 16 shots away to Donaghadee on Wednesday night.

It was a difficult game for the locals but they came good on three rinks with wins for S. G. Malcolmson, Gavin Clinghan and Tom Haire but Nathan Haire lost.

All the games were closely contested though and Dromore were pleased to overcome a difficult hurdle in the end.

Dromore also took seven points in NIBA Division 2 on the previous night when they beat Whitehead B 88-66 at Holm Park

Sydenham 77 (1) Dromore 91 (6)

Dromore faded over the closing ends but they still did enough to win by 14 shots away to Sydenham in NIBA Division 2, taking six of the points.

S. G. Malcolmson won by seven shots, Tom Haire by five ahots and Gavin Clinghan by three shots, but Nathan Haire lost by a single shot.

J. McIntyre 14, T. Heasley, J. McKenny, D. Graham, T. Haire 19; L. Connor 24, A. Matthews, G. Dawson, A. Malcolmson,G. Clinghan 27; S. McDonald 17, B. Taylor, R. Malcolmson, W. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 24; T. McClean 22, W. Steenson, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, N. Haire 21.

Dromore B win at Lagan Valley

Lagan Valley 76 (1.5) Dromore B 84 (5.5)

Lagan Valley went down by eight shots and had to settle for 1.5 points in NIBA Division 5 on Tuesday night at home to Dromore B.

Jim Kinkead took a 9-7 lead at the tenth but Sammy Malcolmson came back to lead 11-10 at 15 ends and went on to win by five shots.

Tom Sudlow took 14 shots in three ends to lead 20-9 at the tenth and 23-16 at 15 ends, but Jeff Fawcus came back strongly and a great shot from his third, Gary Stubbs, to carry the jack into the ditch gave Valley a three shots win.

Down 8-11 at the tenth, Billy Hobson came back to lead 16-14 at 15 ends, but Alan Sudlow was leading 19-18 in an intriguing game when Valley earned a tie with a shot at the least end.

Tommy Wilson was 13-7 ahead at the tenth and though Jim Spence narrowed the gap to 15-17 five ends later Dromore went on to win by six shots.

P. Watters, B. Lemon, J. Houston, J. Kinkead 12, C. Davis, R. Elliott, K. Aiken, S. Malcolmson 17; M. Platt, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 27, J. Black, R. McCandless, H. Maxwell, T. Sudlow 24; A. Jennings, M. Hanna, F. Hutchinson, W. Hobson 19, J. Cunningham, T. Brown, I. Houston, A. Sudlow 19; P. Gaffney, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 18, T. Ogle, W. J. Morgan, K. Poots, T. Wilson 24.

Another win for Dromore B

Dromore B 79 (5.5) Antrim 74 (1.5)

Dromore B were four shot winners at home to Antrim in NIBA Division and they took 5.5 points.

Level 6-6 at the tenth but 12-10 ahead at 15 ends Tom Sudlow had to settle for a tie in a closely fought game.

Ahead 19-6 at the tenth Alan Sudlow was 26-9 up five ends later and went on to win by 12shots.

Down 4-9 at the tenth Sammy Malcolmson levelled 12-12 at 15 ends and went on to win by 12 shots.

Down 8-14 at the tenth and 10-20 at 15 ends Tommy Wilson lost by 19 shots.

J. Black, J. Davis, H. Maxwell, T. Sudlow 15, T. Evans 15; J. Cunningham, T. Brown, I. Houston, A. Sudlow 29, A. Kennedy 17; K. Poots, J. Davis, K. Aiken, S. Malcolmson 24, R. McKinley 12; T. Ogle, W. J. Morgan, S. Harrison, T. Wilson 11, M. Teer 30.