Derriaghy take another step to safety

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Section A

Priesthill 47 (6) Derriaghy 25 (1)

Derriaghy took a small step to safety in Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League when Bobby Walker got their only win away to Killaney.

A. Millen, N. Girvan, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 17, C. Agnew, R. Partridge, T. Rolston, G. Fell 4; M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 7, M. Pollock, T. McCallum, R. Hamilton, R. Walker 8; G. Law, E. Wright, M. McCammick, S. Heazley 10, S. Williamson, S. Leathem, K. Johnston, M. Fell 9; B. Moore, D. Croot, D. Lee, P. Melville 13, A. Marks, N. Agnew, J. Belshaw, C. Ross 4.

Killaney 22 (2) Hillsborough Social 38 (5)

A. Patterson, P. Gregg, G. Peake, E. Patterson 3, G. Riley, N. Shaw, D. Verner, N. Haire 10; S. McAllister, E. Alexander, J. Alexander, R. Copes 12, T. Haire, V. McCarthy, A. Riley, R. Sloan 7; J. Gregg, A. Johnston, M. Foreman, G. McMullan 0, C. Culbert, G. Ervine, K. Trainor, M. Trainor 16; G. Dobbin, R. Whylie, J. Copes, G. Christie 7, T. Heasley, J. Newell, B. Clenaghan, M. Beattie 5.

Section B

League not over yet

St Joseph’s 51 (6) Annahilt Parish 24 (1)

Hold on a minute Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League is not over yet.

Seymour Hill fell to three successive defeats, but now leaders, Annahilt Parish have crashed to a 27 shots defeat at St Joseph’s and maybe there could be a turn-up after all.

T. Wilkinson, B. McGurnaghan, B. Magennis, C. Mulholland 8, J. Cairns, N. Elwood, W. Cairns, R. Jess 5; A. Catney, S. Duffy, B. McFall, H. Lundy 6, E. Mawhinney, O. Callaghan, D. Kane, R. Maitland 11; B. O’Rourke, M. McGuile, T. Mallon, D. Magennis 12, B. Harrison, B. Payne, N. Mawhinney, W. Hunter 5; G. Laverty, M. Furey, A. O’Rourke, S. Mulholland 25, N. McCambley, I. Harrison, C. McMullan, T. Hill 3.

Sloan Street 32 (6) St Colman’s Lambeg 22 (1)

J. McIntyre, J. Shannon, A. Smyth, A. McNevison 8, S. Rodgers, P. Bradley, S. Templeton, F. Agnew 7; L. Kirkwood, M. Adamson, D. Kirkwood, K. Armstrong 12, R. O’Carroll, P. McCallion, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 3; J. Short, C. Aicken, C. Beck, S. Irwin 7, R. Sale, M. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 5; H. Megrath, A. Hanna, T. Beck, T. Irwin 5, J. Donnelly, P. Blacker, J. McCallion, J. Burns 7.

Section C

Dunmurry take all seven points

St Colman’s Dunmurry 41 (7) Lisburn Masonic 22 (0)

St Colman’s Dunmurry took all seven points from a 19 shots win at home to Lisburn Masonic in Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

P. Hughs, B. McCandless, J. Law, M. Campbell 10, S. Mawhinney, T. McCallum, J. Moore, J. Houston 6; G. McGrath, F. Hall, R. Campbell, E. Ashton 9, J. Smyth, D. McPherson, M. McClean, W. Benson 7; D. McKinley, R. Stewart, J. McCandless, E. O’Donnell 9, J. Smyth, H. Jennings, I. McCammon, M. Blair 7; M. McKinley, E. McMullan, H. Wilmont, J. H. Campbell 13, T. McCallum, M. Hanna, J. Bain, J. Kinkead 2.

League Dinner at Masonic Hall

The Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League Dinner will again be held in Lisburn Masonic Hall on Friday, March 20 from 7.30pm till late.

The price is £17.50 and all bowlers and their friends will be made very welcome.

You can book your ticket by contacting Ruth Neely at 028 92622086 or 07889280090.