Dates and venues for Charity finals

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The dates have been set for the Lisburn Zone Charity Cup and Rosebowl finals following three of the semi-finals being played last week.

Tuesday, March 24, Rosebowl final at St Paul’s, 7.30pm, Eglantine v Killaney or Soldierstown (semi-final tie played last Tuesday at Priesthill).

Wednesday, March 25, Cup final, at Eglantine, 7.30pm, Ballinderry v Hillsborough Social.

Cup Semi-Finals

Hillsborough Social and Ballinderry eased through to the final of the Cup with wins over St Colman’s Lambeg and St Paul’s respectively.

St Colman’s Lambeg 24 Hillsborough Social 56

R. Sale, M. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 6, G. Ervine, B. Clinghan, M. Trainor, R. Sloan 15; J. Donnelly, J. McCallion, John Burns, James Burns 6, T. Heasley, D. Boal, K. Trainor, M. Beattie 17; R. O’Carroll, P. McCallion, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 6, V. McCarthy, R. Bolton, D. Verner, N. D. Haire 10; E. Rodgers, P. Bradley, S. Templeton, F. Agnew 6, T. Haire, C. Trainor, A. Riley, N. Haire 14.

Ballinderry 56 St Paul’s 24

C. Marsden, A. Morrison, S. McSorley, P. Reid 17, A. Allen, S. Clarke, A. O’Rourke, T. McCrory 5; D. Brownlie, J. Marsden, K. Morrison, E. Marsden 14, J. Maze, B. Garrett, R. Topping, J. Chapman 9; R. McKinstry, J. McKinstry, L. Murray, G. Stubbs 15, B. Braithwaite, M. Catney, B. Allen, M. Holmes 6; W. Scott, D. Peden, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 10, W. Benson, F. Walsh, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham 4.

Rosebowl Matches

Eglantine beat Priesthill by four shots to reach the final of the Lisburn Zone Rosebowl and they await the winners of the Killaney v Soldierstown match in the remaining semi-final.

Priesthill 34 Eglantine 38

A. Millen, N. Girvan, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 8, A. Liggett, Jean Parkinson, M. McLernon, J. McCandless 10; B. Moore, D. Croot, D. Lee, P. Melville 5, M. McQuillan, Jim Parkinson, J. Liggett, W. McCullough 9; G. Law, E. Wright, ,M. McCammick, S. Heazley 10, R. Neely, D. Ford, C. Morrison, J. Peden 7; M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 11, A. Farr, S. Bates, J. McClatchey, G. McLernon 12.

Aghagallon 25 Killaney 37 (Quarter Final)

K. Russell, G. Millen, B. Brown, C. Connolly 3, S. McAllister, E. Alexander, I. Alexander, R. Copes 7; M. Fitzpatrick, D. Clenaghan, G. Tallon, G. Little 10, G. Dobbin, A. Patterson, J. Johnston, E. Patterson 7; A. Tallon, B. Clenaghan, U. Corey, M. Corey 7, R. Kelleghan, A. Gregg, J. Copes, G. McMullan 11; A. Clenaghan, B. Walsh, S. Hannon, E. Hamill 5, J. Gregg, J. Robinson, J. Campbell, M. Foreman 12.