Byrnes B earn a home draw in superb tie

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Byrnes B at home to Laganview in the Alexanders Lisburn and District Dart League was a humdinger of a tie with both teams performing well for a draw.

Byrnes winners: C.Dynes, F.Frazer (100,119,140), T.McKeown.

(2x100,2x140), R.Humphries (140), M.McClean (100).

Laganview winners: M.Laffin, G.Alister (140), K.Watson, W.G. Alister (100), A.Hurst 121. Ballymacash v Ballinderry at the Bluebell was a cracker with scores of a ton plus commonplace.

Ballymacash winners: T.Bustard (180), S.Trodden (3x100), A.Presho (100,140), P.McKeown, A.J. Coburn (3x100,140,18 darts).

Ballinderry winners. G.Rea (100,2x140,18 darts), W.English (3x100,117,121,125,140), E.Moulds (3x100), N.Brown (4x100,125,2x140,2x18 darts,112,116), A.Moulds (100,140).

Reids Corner at home to Maghaberry A was a close run thing with the visitors just finishing the stronger for a deserved 6-4 win.

Reids winners. W.Penny 2x100,21 darts. A.Hull 100. D.McCallister 2x100,140. G.Walsh 3x100.

Maghaberry winners. M.Murdoch 2x100,140,20 darts. P.Kirkwood 100,140. S.Cocker 100,140,160,19 darts. B.Hull 2x100,140,180,20 darts. I.Gardiner 4x100. P.Presho.

Marketview welcomed Catch My Pal to their Smithfield House venue and ran out 9-1 winners.

Marketview winners. R. Dean 125. K. White 135,140. H. Wilson. B. Jones. M. McKee. S.Nugent. P.Burns. F.McMahon 5x100,140,17&18 darts. P.McGlynn.

Catchs lone winner: S.McCurley.

The Crows had Belfast Indoor Bowling Club as opponents at their Bridge St venue and despite fantastic darts went down 7-3.

Crows winners: J.Watton 100,133. S.Farr 3x100,140,18 darts. D.Kay 3x100,21 darts.

B.I.B.C. winners: D.Greenlees 100. J.Bunting 100,121,2x18 darts. M.Ellis 2x100,2x140,20 darts. M.Riddall 2x100,140. T.Johnston 100. M.Ferguson 4x100,19 darts. E.Dobbin.

League Individual Entries for Alexanders Room:

Board One: I.Gardiner, A.J. Coburn, E.Davis, P.Burns, C.Camblin, J.Wilson, A.Finnie, C.Orford, F.Frazer, M.Ellis, E.Moulds, N.Alister, N.Brown, M.Ferguson, N.Mullholland, D.Geddis, W.Penney, S.Cocker, E.Dobbin, J.Bunting.

Board Two: S.Lennon, J.Dodds, M.Riddall, G.Alister, G.Bell, A.Parker, A.Hull, G.Andrews, A.Hurst, M.Agnew, N.Cummins, P.McCallister, A.Moulds, G.Matthews, S.Beattie, M.McKee, H.Wilson, P.Logan, P.McKeown, W.English.

Board Three: A.Dillon, J.Somerville, A.Hodgens, B.McDougall, D.Kay, C.Gracey, W.G.Alister, R.Montgomery, D.McNally, P.Kirkwood, M.Guerrireo, D.McCallister, J.Cahoon, K.Campbell, A.Parr, A.Lyness, W.Carberry, A.Presho, M.McCorry, P.White.

Smithfield House: M.Laffin. N.Dunwoodie. S.Nugent. B.Greer. D.Gordon. S.Walsh. F.McMahon. T.Johnston. B.Bird. M.Frazer. M.Hanna. T.McKeown. P.Presho. S.Farr. M.Grady. C.Dynes. I.Kilpatrick. W.Hall. G.Dalzell. T.Harbinson. N.Peden. G.Walsh.

Final call on all boards 8:30pm sharp on Friday May 8.

League cup B was played with Ballinderry A losing to Manor Inn 6-4

Ballinderry winners: K.McDonald 2x100. C.Gracey 4x100. T.Barnes. C.Blannery 2x100.

Manor winners: J.Cahoon. T.Patton 100. D.Gordon. J.Somerville 140. W.Beattie. A.Lyness.

B.I.B.C played Ballinderry in a much closer affair with the Bowlers progressing to the finals with a 6-5 victory.

Bowlers winners: B.Greer 3x100,140,21 darts. M.Riddall. G.Matthews 2x100. J.Bunting 100,21 darts with a 138 out shot. M. Ferguson 4x100. E. Dobbin 100,180.