Adrian’s big win is to no avail for Lisnagarvey B

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Adrian McNevison won by a huge 38 shots but in an amazing NIBA Division 3 match Lisnagarvey B lost by 28 shots to Clarendon.

Phil Lavery lost by eight shots but the other two rinks fell heavily. Alton Reid went down by 27 shots and Denis Rankin lost by 31 shots.

C. Hill 10, S. McDowell, B. Lemon, D. Porter, A. McNevison 48; J. Cairns 32, J. Reilly, D. Foers, J. Nelson, A. Reid 5; A. Hill 25, M. Simpson, C. McClean, B. McMullan, P. Lavery 17; K. McFarland 37, K. Johnston, R. McBride, J. Nelson, D. Rankin 6.