COLUMN: It’s going to be a learning experience on the big bike

Paul Jordan with Guy Martin at the Tandragee 100.
Paul Jordan with Guy Martin at the Tandragee 100.

I’ll be riding the Evolution Camping BMW at the North West and I’m sure it’s going to be pretty scary for a lap or two on those long straights.

I went out on the bike for the first time at the Cookstown 100, but it’s going to be a different ball game at the North West.

I’d never raced a big bike before Cookstown, so it’s going to be a learning process and we’ll just take it as it comes.

On the 600 and Supertwin I’ll be happy if I can pick up where I left off last year.

I got three top ten finishes last year, which was really good when you look at the number of riders at the North West who are capable of getting results.

I’ve got my debut at the Isle of Man TT coming up and I was talking to Derek McGee the other day about whether or not that affected him when he was in the same position a few years ago, asking if he held back a bit because of it.

But really once you’re on the bike you’re only thinking about the race and everything else gets pushed to the back of your mind.

The way I’m looking at it is I’ve a chance to maybe get some good results at the North West, whereas at the TT I’m only going there to learn.

We had a problem with the 600 Kawasaki but I think we’ve got to the bottom of it and hopefully the bike will be good on Tuesday.

I already blew an engine and it’s away getting fixed for the TT, but I’ve got my 600 Honda there in the van as a back-up in case we have any more problems.

I know I can jump on the Honda and be fast if I need to be but we’ll see how the Kawasaki goes in practice.