Visitors Derriaghy C/C take the spoils in style

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Ballylesson 1 Derriaghy 9

Derriaghy C/C secured the spoils with a superb 9-1 win at Ballylesson in the Lisnagarvey Darts League this week.

Ballylesson’s lone winner was M. Sloan (110). Starring for Derriaghy C/C were L Guy (100), R Millen (100), J Ravenhill (2x100, 22 darts), N Lucas (100), A Terrington (2x100, 22 darts), S Toole, J Lyttle (100, 125), R Clements (121), J Millen Snr.

S’mount 3 1st Blues 7

Winning for Sandymount James McCambley (180, 23 darts), M McComb (125), K Minford (140). On target for Blues were T Parsons (100), J Coey, D Toole (100,121), B Johnston (100,125), T Friars, A Garrott (121), B Mawhinney (2x100).

Dunmurry 9 Beattie B 1

Winning for Dunmurry were D Lowry (100), G Cromie (180), C Waterworth, J Millen Snr, M Guy (3x100, 20 darts), J Millen Jnr (140) D Irvine, G Lyttle (100, 118) B Jackson (100, 117, 19 darts).

The lone winner for Beattie was D McCabe Jnr.

Downside 6 Anvil 4

Hitting the target for Downside were B McMichael (140), S Benson, M Wood, F Jamison (100, 100, 21 darts), T G Mackin, B Mc Michael Jnr (100, 100, 100).

Winning for Anvil were D Dawson jnr (120), J McDonald (121), P Ridge (100, 100, 140, 18 darts), J Murray (100, 21 darts).

Highway 8 Whites 2

Taking the spoils for Highway were Matt Kelly (125), Billy Flanaghan, Dave Moorehead (140), Eddie Mullan (125), Nick Cameron, Ian keery, Mark Lilley, John Bishorek.

Whites winners were A. Moulds (100) and I. Crothers (2x100).

Bleachers 6 Ballymac 4

Securing the win for Bleachers were C.Nixon, P.Wilson (100), S.Gillespie (100), L.Neill (100), S.Rice, N.Audley.

Ballymac winners were R.McKeown, G.Connor, W.Morrison, T. Morrison.

Hillsborough A 5

Benmore 5

Hillsborough A winners were D. Gibson, C. McClements (180, 17 darts), T. Boyd (2x100, 138), D. Morgan, R. Morgan. Earning a share of the spoils for Benmore R. McClean (100), R. Sommerville (100) , G. Walker (2x100, 23 darts), P. Nicholson (100), C Kane (100).

Week 12 fixture: Ballymac v Hillsboro A, Beattie v Derriaghy, Benmore v Anvil, Downside v Highway, Dunmurry v First Blues, Sandymount v Ballylesson, Whites v Bleachers.