Ups and downs for Rock

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Rock had a win and a defeat within a few days of each other.

They lost 6-1 to St Joseph’s but reversed that result when away to Lambeg Parish.

Rock 23 (1) St Joseph’s 37 (6)

M. Cushnahan, P. Connolly, B. McKeown, M. Reid 6, B. O’Rourke, M. McGuile, A. Laverty, D. Magennis 5; Fiona Cunningham, S. Cushnahan, D. Lunn, Frank Cunningham 6, L. Law, M. Furey, G. O’Rourke, S. Mulholland 8; H. Fleming, Sally Cushnahan, J. Fleming, P. Cushnahan 3, B. McFall, S. Duffy, T. Mallon, H. Lundy 15; A. Lamb, H. Hart, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 8, T. Wilkinson, T. Law, A. Catney, C. Mulholland 9.

Lambeg Parish 21 (1) Rock 37 (6)

E. Rice, H. McEwen, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 4, A. Cunningham, D. Lunn, S. Cushnahan, F. Cunningham 15; M. Smyth, M. Finn, L. McDougall, R. Campbell 5, D. Cunningham, H. Hart, B. McKeown, M. Reid 9; A. Jennings, B. Bloomfield, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 7, J. Fleming, P. Connolly, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 4; M. McKeever, M. Walker, J. Kerr, S. Belshaw 5, M. Cushnahan, H. Fleming, S. Cushnahan, P. Cushnahan 9.

Hilden 45 (7) Pond Park 17 (0)

A. Harron, J. Jordan, J. Freeborn, D. Harron 12, S. Russell, J. Taylor, I. Harbinson, M. Stevenson 4; H. Murray, L. Finlay, J. Williams, C. Montgomery 8, A. Brown, J. Campbell, B. Park, D. Taylor 5; D. Miskelly, J. Montgomery, R. Keag, C. McConnell 10, K. May, G. Jeffers,