Trophies presented to winners

The trophies were presented to the various Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League winners at the annual dinner in Lisburn Masonic hall recently.

The presentations were made by Mary Marsden, wife of the League chairman, Cecil Marsden as follows:

Section A, winners, Ballinderry; runners-up, Hillsborough Social; Section B, winners, Annahilt Parish; runners-up, St Mark’s; Section C, winners, Broomhedge; runners-up, Lambeg Parish.

During a reflection on the season, Star bowls correspondent, Harry Allen, paid tribute to League secretary, Ruth Neely.

He said: “We would not be here tonight but for her, you would not know who to play each week but for her, you would not know your League position but for her, you would not know the dates of meetings, etc, but for her. I, of course, refer to Ruth Neely.”

Harry also mentioned Sloan Street bowler, John Beck, who was very seriously ill and asked all to pray for him.

Cecil Marsden thanked the caterers for an excellent meal and invited everyone to stay for the music.

The League made presentations to several of the guests.