Title race is going down to the wire

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Hillsborough Social 28 (5.5) St Paul’s 21 (1.5)

The Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League Section A title race is going to the wire.

Hillsborough Social and Ballinderry are dropping points, but both keep on winning and Ballinderry have the edge if it keeps going this way.

However, it is one of the closest title races for several years and could still go either way.

J. Edens, D. Shanks, T. Heasley, N. D. Haire 7, A. Allen, F. Walsh, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 7; E. Walters, C. Henry, G. Ervine, R. Sloan 8, J. Maze, R. Topping, J. Chapman, K. Burns 2; G. Riley, V. McCarthy, A. Riley, N. Haire 8, B. Allen, M. Catney, G. Megarry, T. McCrory 2; M. Ward, T. Haire, B. Verner, M. Beattie 5, S. Clarke, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr 10.

H’sborough Social 47 (6) Priesthill Methodist 23 (1)

D. Shanks, G. Ervine, C. Trainor, R. Sloan 6, M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 10; J. Edens, R. Bolton, M. Trainor, N. D. Haire 12, D. Lee, N. Girvan, A. Mulligan, S. Heazley 2; T. Haire, T. Heasley, W. Clinghan, M. Beattie 14, M. Croot, B. Moore, E. Wright, P. Melville 6; G. Riley, D. Verner, A. Riley, N. Haire 15, A. Millen, D. Croot, G. Law, M. McCammick 5.

Priesthill 33 (1) Ballinderry 42 (6)

M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 12, R. McKinstry, J. Marsden, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 9; A. Millen, T. Ferguson, N. Girvan, A. Mulligan 7, J. McKinstry, D. Peden, K. Morrison, E. Marsden 10; M. Croot, D. Croot, D. Lee, I. Ferguson 7, D. Brownlie, L. Graham, R. Gourley, G. Stubbs 14; G. Law, E. Wright, P. Melville, S. Heazley 7, S. Law, A. Morrison, L. Murray, P. Reid 9.

Section B

Aghagallon in relegation trouble

Aghagallon 29 (2.5) St Mark’s 38 (4.5)

Aghagallon are battling to avoid relegation from Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

They did manage 2.5 points from the nine shots defeat by St Mark’s.

D. Clenaghan, J. Connolly, A. Thompson, J. McVeigh 8, L. McDowell, J. Ellison, K. McCullough, R. McCaw 6; K. Russell, F. Russell, U. Corey, M. Corey 9, C. Walker, C. Barclay, N. Martin, V. Wigton 9; A. Clenaghan, B. Walsh, G. Mellan, G. Little 9, T. Moore, S. Dugan, A. Walker, K. Ellison 8; M. Fitzpatrick, B. Brown, B. Clenaghan, G. Tallon 3, L. Scott, S. McDowell, S. Barclay, D. Moore 15.

Sloan Street 36 (0.5) Seymour Hill 45 (6.5)

P. Miskimmon, H. Megrath, J. Shannon, A. Loughlin 4, C. Connery, K. Murdock, D. Carser, R. Carser 12; J. McIntyre, L. A. Beck, A. McNevison, S. Irwin 8, E. Eakin, C. Murdock, K. McCalmont, P. Cairnduff 16; C. Aicken, J. Short, D. Kirkwood, K. Armstrong 5, T. Neill, R. Scales, J. Cairnduff, A. Murdock 8; A. Smyth, L. Kirkwood, T. Beck, T. Irwin 9, S. Cairnduff, S. Scales, M. Agnew, A. Carser 9.

Section C

St Clare’s still pushing for promotion

Derryvolgie 22 (0) St Clare’s 47 (7)

St Clare’s are still pushing for promotion from Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League following a 25 shots win and all seven points away to Derryvolgie.

But Broomhedge still remain in pole position for promotion.

J. McCartney, K. Quail, R. Hamilton, R. McClements 6, A. McNulty, Jean Burns, C. Cormican, G. Brankin 11; M. Hamilton, B. Quail, J. Reilly, David Parkes 8, Jim Burns, J. O’Brien, A. O’Brien, P. Magee 13; J. Kirkwood, S. Hamilton, Darren Parkes, R. Parkinson 6, D. Blakely, M. Blakely, I. Quinn, B. McCann 9; J. Parkes, M. Atcheson, O. McAuley, B. McClarnon 2, C. Magee, G. Armstrong, J. McNulty, M. Armstrong 14.

Suffolk 41 (5) Lambeg Parish 23 (2)

K. Harrison, J. McCann, E. Dunlop, S. Collins 6, M. Walker, A. Jennings, J. Boyd, R. Campbell 8; J. Hewitt, H. McKenna, R. McCullough, H. Gallagher 4, J. Hamilton, H. McEwan, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 8; T. McArdle, N. Mallon, R. Craig, M. Dunlop 13, L. Gilbert, E. Rice, J. Kerr, B. Bloomfield 3; E. McCluskey, J. McAuley, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 18, L. McDougall, M. Finn, S. Belshaw, M. Smyth 4.

Royal British Legion 37 (6) Derryvolgie 27 (1)

G. Stewart, L. A. Foote, S. Taggart, M. Campbell 11, B. Kane, B. Quail, J. Reilly, David Parkes 6; T. Ling, G. Murdoch, A. Williamson, B. Spence 5, J. McCartney, K. Quail, R. Hamilton, K. McCreight 15; H. Williamson, B. Kirk, F. Hutchinson, J. Fawcus 9, J. Parkes, M. Atcheson, O. McAuley, B. McClarnon 5; N. Vernon, R. Halley, L. Foote, J. Spence 12, I. Kirkwood, G. Hamilton, Darren Parkes, R. Parkinson 1.

How is your team performing?

The latest official league tables will inform you:

SECTION A: Ballinderry 13-77.5, Hillsborough Social 12-63.5, Soldierstown 13-52, Priesthill 13-45, Killaney 13-41, St Paul’s 14-40.5, Derriaghy 12-31, Hilden 12-27.5, Eglantine 12-21.5.

SECTION B: Annahilt Parish 14-63, Seymour Hill 13-56.5, Pond Park 13-52.5, St Mark’s 12-49.5, Rock 13-48, Sloan Street 13-40, St Joseph’s 13-39, St Colman’s Lambeg 13-37, Aghagallon 14-27.5.

SECTION C: St Clare’s 14-61.5, Broomhedge 13-61, Suffolk 13-54, St Colman’s Dunmurry 14-49, Lambeg Parish 13-48.5, British Legion 14-48, St Columba’s 13-39, Lisburn Masonic 13-37.5, Derryvolgie 13-21.5.