Three local ladies transform themselves through weightlifting

Ashleigh, Joanne, Natalie, with Coach Tomek and Coach intern Jenni, Team CrossFit Varangian.
Ashleigh, Joanne, Natalie, with Coach Tomek and Coach intern Jenni, Team CrossFit Varangian.

Three local women have secured medals after they took up a new sport and proved to be winners.

The trio have won two gold medals and a silver in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, which has seen its popularity grow in recent times.

The ladies, Ashleigh, Joanne, Natalie, train at CrossFit Varangian in Lisburn, and are a perfect example of the growth in popularity of the sport.

CrossFit Varangian’s last weightlifting competition entries were the three girls.

Two of the ladies have no previous athletic experience; one is a hockey player, one is a single parent, and they all have hectic, busy lifestyles - they are all normal people!

However, they have shown that anyone can achieve success in the sport.

They trained hard and consistently, went out, performed their Olympic lifts and came home with two gold medals and a silver.

The world of health and fitness is filled with many different views and opinions, but with CrossFit they have fun with it and really focus on getting stronger and becoming better at anything, inside and outside of the gym.

More people are getting so excited to train and compete for fun that they’re not even realising how much motivation they are gaining.

Most importantly they’re eating correctly, training correctly, sleeping better and not going out getting drunk as often through fear of missing the gym.

Through something as simple as having a date set that you have to perform, people are losing weight, gaining confidence, meeting new friends and becoming part of an amazing community.

If you are in the Lisburn area, call in to CrossFit Varangian at Saintfield Park and see what it’s all about.

You might just finally find that motivation you’ve been looking for.