St Columba’s shock St Clare’s

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Iris Scott played a big part in a nine shots home win for St Columba’s from which they netted six points in Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

She won by eight shots and with David Henry and Betty Campbell also winning St Columba’s took the six points at home.

St Columba’s 33 (6) St Clare’s 24 (1)

K. Whittington, D. Easton, F. Hutchinson, C. Martin 6, Jim Burns, J. O’Brien, J. McNulty, P. Magee 9; G. Heatherington, D. Lindsay, T. Smith, D. Henry 7, C. Magee, G. Armstrong, A. O’Brien, A. Creaney 5; J. Henry, C. Bailey, K. McCully, B. Campbell 11, A. McNulty, R. McCann, J. Creaney, G. Brankin 9; J. Moore, V. McMillan, D. Smith, I. Scott 9, D. Bradley, J. Burns, I. Quinn, B. McCann 1.

Suffolk 35 (5) St Clare’s 30 (2)

K. McDonald, H. McKenna, R. McCullough, S. Collins 6, J. Burns, S. McKeag, M. Byrne, G. Brankin 10; H. McDonald, G. McDonald, B. Gallagher, H. Gallagher 6, C. Magee, G. Armstrong, J. Creaney, A. Creaney 10; R. Dunlop, J. McGoldrick, R. Craig, M. Dunlop 11, D. Bradley, R. McCann, I. Quinn, B. McCann 3; E. McCluskey, J. McAuley, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 12, J. Burns, C. Cormican, J. McNulty, P. Magee 7.

St Colman’s Lambeg 35 (6) St Colman’s Dunmurry 20 (1)

E. Rodgers, P. McCallion, N. Kerr, F. Agnew 9, M. McKinley, D. McComb, R. Campbell, E. Ashton 6; J. Donnelly, J. McCallion, J. Burns, J. Burns 7, S. Herron, A. Houston, L. O’Donnell, B. Turner 8; R. O’Carroll, A. McWilliams, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 11, E. McMullan, B. McCandless, H. Wilmont, J. H. Campbell 2; R. Sale, M. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 8, P. Hughes, D. Higginson, G. Sey, M. Campbell 4.

St Colman’s Dunmurry 50 (6) Derryvolgie 31 (1)

G. McGrath, R. Steele, B. Turner, E. Ashton 14, J. Parkes, B. Quail, J. Reilly, R. Parkinson 4; S. Herron, E. McMullan, H. Wilmont, J. H. Campbell 6, B. Kane, R. Hamilton, J. Bratty, K. McCreight 8; M. McKinley, D. McComb, B. McCallum, M. Campbell 13, M. Hanna, Darren Parkes, K. Quail, David Parkes 9; D. McKinley, F. Hall, G. Sey, E. O’Donnell 17, M. Atcheson, J. McCartney, O. McAuley, B. McClarnon 10.

No locals in top four

There are no locals in the top four positions in the Jethro Lurgan Rinks League:

Morning section: R. Hunter 16, T. McCartan 4, A. Mulligan 13, M. Milligan 12.

Latest results: W. Clinhghan 15, J. Taylor 11; R. Hunter 11, R. Neely 16; A. Magee 14, A. Thompson 19; M. Milligan 12, G. Richardson 9; W. Cairns 12, C. Maguire 13; A. Mulligan 9, T. McCartan 10.

After section: N. Garvey 18, W. Martin 16, L/ Magennis 13, N. Orr 12.

Latest results: N. Garvey 27, B. Boness 7; N. Conlon 20, G. Devlin 10; S. Garvey 16, S. Irwin 11; W. Martin 16, N. Orr 8; L. Magennis 10, J. Mackle 14; G. Bell 11, S. White 14.

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