St Colman’s win but go down

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Section B

St Colman’s Lambeg 32 (4.5) St Mark’s 31 (2.5)

St Colman’s Lambeg won by a shot and took 4.5 points but they were still relegated from Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

St Mark’s, according to my reckoning still managed to gain promotion, a point behind Section B winners, Annahilt Parish.

Frank Agnew started with three, one, one but Richard McCaw levelled at the sixth. Lambeg added two, one but a last end three gave St Mark’s a tie.

James Burns was 6-0 up at the third and though Viv Wigton narrowed the gap St Colman’s won by four shots.

Karen Ellison started with two, three but Lawrence Long levelled at the fifth. St Mark’s lifted a three to take a 9-5 lead though Lambeg came back to lose by a shot.

Norman Martin started with a three but Gary McWilliams led 6-4 at the fifth. St Mark’s came back to finish with three, two for a two shots win.

E. Rodgers, P. Bradley, S. Templeton, F. Agnew 8, L. McDowell, J. Ellison, K. McCullough, R. McCaw 8; J. Donnelly, J. McCallion, John Burns, James Burns 8, C. Walker, L. Scott, N. Martin, V. Wigton 4; R. Sale, J. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 8, V. Reid, S. Dugan, A. Walker, K. Ellison 9; R. O’Carroll, P. McCallion, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 8, T. Moore, S. McDowell, S. Barclay, V. Moore 10.

Annahilt Parish 32 (3.5) Rock 32 (3.5)

B. Harrison, J. Willis, A. Lyons, R. Jess 9, M. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan, B. McKeown, M. Reid 9; M. McMullan, M. Crawford, D. Kane, R. Maitland 9, P. Flanigan, D. Lunn, S. Cushnahan, F. Cunningham 5; C. Magee, N E. Mawhinney, C. McMullan, . Mawhinney, W. Cairns, T. Hill 6, H. Fleming, M. Hart, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 10; E. Mawhinney, C. McMullan, J. Magee, W. Hunter 8, J. Fleming, P. Connolly, S. Cushnahan, P. Cushnahan 8.

Pond Park 52 (7) St Joseph’s 17 (0)

K. May, A. Brown, V. McCourt, J. Green 17, A. Catney, S. Duffy, M. McGuile, H. Lundy 2; S. Russell, J. Taylor, J. Tinsley, H. McCourt 18, B. O’RourkeP, S. Magennis, T. Mallon, D. Magennis 3; M. McCandless, J. Campbell, B. Park, M. Stevenson 8, T. Wilkinson, B. McGurnaghan, B. McFall, C. Mulholland 6; M. Wilson, I. Harbinson, D. Taylor, D. Hamilton 9, G. Laverty, M. Furey, A. O’Rourke, S. Mulholland 6.