Ryan and Buddy take first in Dressage event

Winner of Class 1 - Ryan Truesdale on Buddy. Photo by JHd Photography
Winner of Class 1 - Ryan Truesdale on Buddy. Photo by JHd Photography

The Dressage For All Autumn League continued with another great turnout at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough on Saturday

October 17.

With classes ranging from Intro (walk/trot only) to Preliminary and Novice there was something for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who supported the event, to Judge Martina McKinley (and scribe), James from Jhd Photography for covering the event and also to RTD Crawford Ltd Haylage for their very generous sponsorship of the Autumn Dressage For All League!

The Dressage finishes on Saturday 24th October but will be followed by Halloween showjumping on Saturday 31st October and Working Hunter on Saturdays 14th, 21st and 28th November.

For more information checkout www.mill-yard.co.uk or contact Lucy at lucy@mill-yard.co.uk or 07790625794

Dressage For All Autumn League

Saturday 17th October

Class 1 – BD Intro. B

1st – Ryan Truesdale on Buddy

2nd – Kate Russell on Toffee Boy

3rd – Pamela Gilbert on Pete

4th – Alison Cloughley on Charlie Brown

5th – Delilah Dillon on Pudgie

6th – Rachel Coulter on Winnie

Class 2 – BD. Prelim. 14

1st – Ruth Curran on Mr Darcey

2nd – Janinne Thompson on Lily

3rd – Beth Cunningham on Dream Debut

=4th – Andrew Logan on Casper

=4th – Adrienne Binney on Tango

5th – Caroline Chambers on Villas Dream

6th – Michaela Glass on Lenny

Class 3 – DI Nov 26

1st – Shelley McFarlane on William

2nd – Sadie Henry on George.

Results from Saturday 10th October 2015:

Class 1 – MY Intro. 1: 1st – Claire Killen on Danny; 2nd – Kaleigh Baines on Apollo; 3rd – Kate Russell on Toffee Boy; 4th – Lynne Murray on Dolly; 5th – Cara Digney on Ella; 6th – Emma Smyth on Cody.

Class 2 – DI P5: 1st – Mandy Blakley on Pleasant Surprise; 2nd – Hannah McKinstry on Murphy; 3rd – Victoria Fox on Lislaird Joni; 4th – Michaela Glass on Lenny; 5th – Hannah Lockhart on Belle; 6th – Caroline Chambers on Villa Dream.

Class 3 – DI Nov 23: 1st – Pamela Fox on Bonnie Sir Edward; 2nd – Sadie Henry on George; 3rd – Emma Cochrane on Extract.