Ruth and Sadie are winners

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Ruth Neeley and Sadie White were among the winners at the Jethro Rinks League on Thursday.

Ruth had a 16-11 win over R. Hunter and Sadie beat G. Bell 14-11.

Morning section: W. Clinghan 15, J. Taylor 11; R. Hunter 11, R. Neely 16; A. Magee 14, A. Thompson 19; M. Milligan 12, G. Richardson 9; W. Cairns 12, C. Magennis 13; A. Milligan 9, T. McCartan 10.

Afternoon section: N. Garvey 27, B. Boness 7; N. Conlon 20, G. Devlin 10; S. Garvey 16, S. Irwin 11; W. Martin 16, N. Orr 8; L. Magennis 10, J. Mackle 14; G. Bell 11, S. White 14.

There will be no matches in the Jethro League on Thursday.

How they stand in the League

SECTION A: Ballinderry p 4, pts 25.5; Hillsborough Social 4-19, Soldierstown 5-19, Priesthill 5-15, Killaney 4-14.5, St Mark’s 4-13.5, Eglantine 4-10.5, St Paul’s 3-8, Annahilt Parish 5-8.

SECTION B: Broomhedge p5, pts 26, Derriaghy 4-22, Seymour Hill 3-16.5, Sloan Street 5-15.5, St Joseph’s 4-13.5, Hilden 4-12.5, Lambeg Parish 4-12, Rock 5-9, Pond Park 4-6.

SECTION C: St Clare’s p5, pts 19, Suffolk 3-16, Aghagallon 4-15, St Colman’s Lambeg 3-12, St Columba’s 3-12, St Colman’s Dunmurry 4-10, Lisburn Masonic 2-7, Derryvolgie 4-7.

Back to League games

Fixtures in the Roy Kennedy Fuels Lisburn Indoor Bowling League for week commencing Monday, November 16.

SECTION A: Tuesday, St Paul’s v Soldierstown, St Mark’s v Hillsborough Social; Wednesday, Annahilt Parish v Eglantine, Ballinderry v Killaney. Bye, Priesthill.

SECTION B: Tuesday, Derriaghy v Lambeg Parish; Wednesday, Seymour Hill v Broomhedge; Thursday, Rock v St Joseph’s, Hilden v Pond Park. Bye, Sloan Street.

SECTION C: Tuesday, St Columba’s v St Colman’s Dunmurry; Wednesday, St Clare’s v Lisburn Masonic; Thursday, Aghagallon v St Colman’s Lambeg, Derryvolgie v Suffolk.