Ronnie and Diane get a win but Rockmount are out

Golf news.
Golf news.

Rockmount were beaten 4-1 by Cavan at Armagh in the Ulster quarter-finals of the Irish Mixed Foursomes on Monday 20th July.

The team consisted of Chris Morrison & Patricia McDonnell, Mark & Anne Wynne, Ronnie Cole & Diane Patterson, Tommy Rossi & Jan Lindsay and Ryan Wilson & Rosie McCrea.

The only winners for Rockmount were Ronnie & Diane with the other four pairings putting up a good fight but just losing out.

The shot of the match came from the old stalwart himself Ronnie Cole.

After an indifferent drive from Diane on the 12th hole, Ronnie was left with a choice of hitting it from where it lay, threading it through trees and branches back to the fairway or simply playing the ball under penalty from where it was originally hit.

The onlookers, Captain Eddie and Team Captains Peter O’Hara and Janet Douds looked at each other when Ronnie uttered the words ‘I think I can make this.’

Was he serious? You bet he was!

Out came what looked like a four wood and he hit the most perfect fade shot which didn’t hit a tree or branch and was advanced by some 200 yards. They then went on to halve the hole.