Nathan gets vital Hillsborough win

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Nathan Haire’s ten shots win was vital in gaining five points from a six shots win away to Priesthill in Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Lisburn Indoor Bowling League.

His brother, Nick, was the other Social winner.

Priesthill 29 (2) Hillsborough Social 35 (5)

M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 7, G. Riley, G. Ervine, V. Trainor, R. Sloan 6; N. Girvan, D. Croot, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 2, D. Shanks, R. Bolton, M. Trainor, N. D. Haire 12; A. Millen, B. Moore, M. McCammick, P. Melville 7, J. Edens, T. Haire, N. Shaw, N. Haire 13; R. Mackin, J. McClatchey, D. Lee, S. Heazley 13, D. Shanks, D. Herasley, D. Verner, M. Beattie 4.

Eglantine 29 (1.5) Soldierstown 42 (5.5)

S. Heasley, D. Dowling, T. Kinghan, Jim Parkinson 1, A. Bell, James Johnston, N. Charles, Jim Johnston 16; D. Kerr, D. Kinghan, D. Ford, V. Bryans 11, C. Wilson, B. Wilson, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 4; A. Farr, R. Neely, Jean Parkinson, G. McLernon 6, G. Murray, R. Martin, J. Dunlop, D. McLean 11; J. Nelson, Mary McQuillan, M. McLernon, Mel McQuillan 11, J. McLorn, C. Haughey, A. McCord, D. Johnston 11.

Killaney 35 (6.5) Annahilt Parish 24 (0.5)

A. Patterson, P. Gregg. J. Alexander, E. Patterson 13, M. McMullan, N. Elwood, P. Halliday, T. Hill 7; S. McAllister, A. Johnston, J. Campbell, M. Foreman 5, B. Harrison, C. Magee, L. Wilson, R. Maitland 5; G. Dobbin, E. Alexander, I. Johnston, G. McMullan 10, E. Mawhinney, O. Callaghan, C. McMullan, W. Cairns 6; R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 7, I. Harrison, N. Mawhinney, J. Magee, W. Hunter 6.