Minor Cup run ends for South Antrim Fourths at NICS

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South 4ths travelled away to NICS for the quarter finals of the Minor Cup.

South knew that it was going to be a tough game having lost to this team earlier in the year and they started on the back foot with long spells of defending.

A resolute defence limited Service to few substantial chances but were unable to keep the ball out of their net with the goal coming from a flick after a momentary lapse left a free attacker with a one-on-one who would be felled by the goalkeeper.

This seemed to spur on South who steadily improved throughout the contest. However, South were extremely unlucky to concede a “ghost goal” from a controversial attack that the South defence claim wasn’t touched by a Service player in the circle.

South controlled the remainder of the game and eventually got their reward with a scrappy goal by Adam Glass. In the closing moments South thought they had their equaliser when Alan Smith took a free from just outside the 25 and found Junior who deflected home.

However. this was called back as the umpire deemed the ball to be straight in to the circle following some confusion over the ball’s initial placement. This was a hard fought match by both teams which unfortunately ended South 4ths Minor Cup run.

South Antrim 5ths travelled to Mossley for another must win encounter. With Mossley 4 points above South but having played a game more it was crucial the South boys got all 3 points.

Two minutes in Gary McCormack picked the ball up just outside the 23 yard line beat two players and slotted the ball to Ian McElhinney. A deft touch and spin and he slotted the ball into the right hand side of the net.

Three minutes later and McCormack found McElhinney in the circle again. This time he pulled the ball to the right beat the keeper and a sublime reverse stick strike hit the back boards.

Mossley started pressing making it difficult for the South defence to clear their lines.

South started the 2nd half brighter but it was Mossley who scored on the break. 15 minutes into the half an overhead flick caught the South defence and some nice passing saw Mossley pull 1 back. However super striker McElhinney was having none of it. The McCormack-McElhinney combination stuck again.

McCormack found McElhinney at the top of the circle with his back to the net. A feint to the right but turning to the strong side opened up the opportunity and he smashed the ball into the far corner of the net for his hat trick.

With South now controlling the game Faulkner wasn’t going to be left out. Having worked his way into the circle his shot was stopped on the line by a Mossley defenders foot. He calmly walked up to the flick spot and placed the flick into the roof of the net. The match finished 4-1 to South.