Medal haul as Lisburn Sharks Swimming Club enjoy successful year

The Lisburn Sharks Swimming Club has been celebrating a successful year, with the young members winning Bronze, Silver and Gold at the Primary Schools Gala.

As the club marked the end of another year, there were also celebrations as the children completed their biggest achievement, swimming an amazing 81, 275 metres durin g the Swimathon, shattering last year’s record.

Members of the Thursday Swimming Sharks with their medals. US1526-505cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Members of the Thursday Swimming Sharks with their medals. US1526-505cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Meanwhile, all children are swimming in deeper water, taking part in personal survival and learning rescue skills.

The mums & dads, brothers & sisters, grandparents &guardians are very proud of their accomplishments .

The club is now affiliated to the Swimming Teachers Association (STA).

The club is excited for the children as they will be receiving rewards for their for improvements and advancement of skills e.g. Certificates & Badges.

The club is now Lisburn Sharks Swim Star School, the benefits will be to families, most importantly the children.

The club is for all children and families across the community, all children are welcome.

The Club will endeavour to keep costs low, the STA is a charity run organisation.

STA is a Membership organisation founded in 1932. With over 8,000 members in the UK and representing over 1,020,000 worldwide through IFSTA (International Federation of Swimming Teaching Associations), STA has a far reach that pulls together a wealth of talent, experience and passion for aquatics.

Lisburn Sharks Swimming Club was formed in 1992, providing a valuable and affordable service to the rate payers of Lisburn City and further afield.

All lessons and coaching are structured, each session lasting for one hour, with 45 minutes of structured lessons and coaching and 15 minutes of interactive playtime.

Each child will be continually assessed during and at the off set of lessons and may progress into a group best suited to their personal abilities

The club’s aim is to provide Health and Wellbeing, Water Confidence, Water Skills, and Stamina with the main focus to improve and develop all four swimming strokes (Front Crawl – Breast Stroke – Back Crawl – Butterfly).

All children will be taught to swim in deep water, advanced groups will be introduced to diving, completive and non-completive, introduction to water polo, personal survival and lifesaving.

The main objectives are to insure each child has an enjoyable experience with the club and advance to groups best suited to their ability.

The Sharks Swimming Club will encourage parents and children to explore other pathways in swimming activities, Completive Swimming, Lifesaving, Personal Survival and Water Polo.

It is important to the club that each parent/ guardian is satisfied with their childs/children personal development.

They welcome parents/ guardians’ input and they should feel free to approach the swimming coach at the end of a swimming session for advice or to address any concerns.

Lisburn Sharks Swimming Club has a 100% success rate of insuring all children will learn to swim, improve and develop their swimming skills.

Most importantly, the club’s aim is for the children to have an enjoyable time.

If you would like your child to join the club, please contact 07875612492 or email:

A new web ite will be available in September/October 2015.

For One to One lessons contact: 07889089330 or 07875612492.

The club meets at the Lagan Valley LeisurePlex on Tuesday & Thursday from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.