Marie gets only Lisburn win

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East Antrim 57

Lisburn 45

Marie Corey was the only Lisburn winner when they lost by 12 shots away to East Antrim in the first round of the IIBA Ladies Plate competition.

Marie, who played with Mary McQuillan, Sally Cushnahan and Muriel McLernon was 6-2 ahead by the third and 11-3 at eight ends before adding five more shots for a 16-3 win against C. McKay.

Ann Farr, Patricia Halliday, Laura Foote, Karen Ellison were 1-10 down at the fifth and lost 4-15 to R. Hoy.

Jennifer Nimmon, Jean Parkinson, Suzanne Cushnahan, Amanda Carser were 4-4 at the fifth but 7-11 down with an end left when they lifted a four against A. McLoughlin.

The interval score was 31-29 to Lisburn.

Agnes Liggett, Ruth Neely, Muriel McCandless, Geraldine Tallon were 2-6 down at the fifth and lost 4-10 to C. McAuley.

Winnie Irwin, Laura Holdsworth, Genny Little, Thelma Irwin were 2-5 down at the fifth and lost 4-9 to the experienced Alicia Weir.

Kathleen McCullough, Carol Kirkwood, Joan Montgomery, Theresa Cushnahan trailed 2-6 at the fifth and lost 6-9 to G. Toland.

Christmas fun at


There will be great fun and super prizes at the Eglantine Christmas Fun Night tonight (Friday) in the Parish hall from 7pm

Get along and support the club while enjoying a good night of bowling.

Meanwhile, there were 69 bowlers at the Soldierstown Turkey Tournament last week and Gabriel Brankin, St Clare’s, was the winner.

National finals

The finals of the Lisburn Zone qualifiers for the National Championships will be played tomorrow night (Saturday) at Eglantine Parish hall.

Play starts at 6.30pm with the National fours, National triples, ladies triples and junior singles.

Please plan to go along and give your support.