Malone get important win

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Malone 69 (5.5) Belfast 62 (1.5)

Malone got an important seven shots win at home to Private Greens Division 4 relegation rivals, Belfast and they took 5.5 points.

A three helped Terry Monro to an 8-6 lead at the tenth but he was 9-13 down at 15 ends before losing by five shots.

Helped by a three David Nelson was 7-6 ahead at the tenth but level 11-11 at 15 ends. Two ends later it was 13-13 before Malone pulled away to win by four shots.

Level 8-8 at the tenth but 10-14 down at 15 ends Eric Mairs was 14-17 adrift with an end to play. But Malone lifted a three - after a long period of measuring - to snatch a tie.

Frazer Thompson was 11-9 ahead at the tenth and 18-11 at 15 ends. Malone stayed on top to win by eight shots.

J. Grant, R. Collins, B. Cheyne, T. Monro 12, H. Johnston 17; R. Mairs, A. Logan, A. Kerr, D. Nelson 19, D. Boucher 15; U. Ramsey, J. Wilson, I. McKay, E. Mairs 17, R. McKeavney 17; J. Finlay, A. McKibben, B. Carson, F. Thompson 21, K. Burns 13.