Lisburn fall to strong north West team

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Lisburn 41 North West 67

Lisburn were beaten by 26 shots by a strong North West team in the IIBA Ladies Inter Zone competition at Soldierstown on Saturday.

It did not help that they were missing a few regulars and lost on all six rinks, though Lisburn did compete well in all cases but North West appeared more capable of picking up multiple counts.

Lisburn now travel next month in the Plate competition to Foyle.

Agnes Liggett, Patricia McCallion, Patricia Halliday and Joan Montgomery started badly but lifted four at the fifth before losing 8-12.

Winnie Irwin, Laura Scales, Carol Kirkwood and Thelma Irwin did not score till the sixth end but lifted a three before losing 5-13.

Jennifer Nimmon, Agnes Creaney, Mary McQuillan and Muriel McLernon were 2-8 don but recovered a little to lose 6-12.

In the second half Maureen Wilson, Laura Scales, Sally Cushnahan and Marie Corey were four down at the fifth but came back well before losing 6-8.

Ann Farr, Jean Cairns, Ruth Neely and Mary Holmes, St Paul’s were behind at the fifth and ended up losing 9-12.

Laura Scales, Marie Cushnahan, Kathleen McCullough and Genni Little were level going into the last end but dropped a three to lose 7-10.