Lime Park equestrian final takes place

Chelsea Best on Oliver. Pic by James Hepburn.
Chelsea Best on Oliver. Pic by James Hepburn.

The final of Lime Park Equestrian Centre’s Winter Horse & Pony League 2014 took place on Sunday December 7.

Although the weather was cold and wet, all those who qualified turned out in force.

Sponsors for day were Stonebridge Horse Feeds of Crumlin, who put up bags of feed and a lovely body warmer, also Get a Whip Ireland supplied the final with a nice selection of whips, WLM Security put up boxes of sweets and gift vouchers and Lime Park Equestrian & Tack Shop put up other gift vouchers, tack and wee medals for all the beginners.

As usual the coveted Lime Park Rug were up for grabs.

Lime Park would like to thank all those who competed throughout the league and for all those who helped especially the assistant Judge Nic Wilson.

Next show at Lime Park will be the Annual Christmas Show on Sunday December 28 starting at 11am, there will be fancy dress, gymkhana games and some jumping.

For any further enquiries telephone Lime Park on 028 92621139 or email or find them on Facebook.

Results from the final Winter League event were:

Beginner Ponies

Sarah Agnew – Dukester, Lois Best – Sparkie, Vivienne Andrews – Sarah’s Pebbles, Natasha Wilson – Milo, Abbie Guiney – Milo, Christian Guiney – Pepsi, Andrew Johnston – Paddy, Harry McMillan – Pepsi, Akkeelaa Toman – Holly, Millie Jane Montgomery - Henry, Keeley Megarry - Belle.

50cms ponies

Ellie Leathem – Dolly, Poppy Hepburn – Ellie, Sarah Agnew – Dukester, Lois Best – Sparkie, Rhianna Weir – Nula, Katie Black – Thunder Mountain, Andrew Johnston – Paddy, Harry McMillan – Pepsi, Shoshanna Toman – Trixie, Christine O’Neill – Primrose, Abbie McMillan – Case.

65cms ponies

Charlotte Jones – Ed, Ellie Leathem – Dolly, Abbie McMillan – Case, Chelsie Best – Oliver, Sarah Agnew – Dukester, Holly Abraham – Tilly, Kara McIlroy – Coke, Louise Murphy – Molly Malone, Jade Megaw – Blaze, Ella Heron – Judy, Zoya Robinson – Amazing Jacko, Wilma Megarry – Belle, Jodie Rooney – Jenny, Shoshanna Toman - Trixie.

80cms ponies

Chelsie Best – Oliver, Ella Heron – Judy, Ellie Leathem – Dolly, Abbie McMillan - Case

90cms open ponies

1st Sarah Espie – Miss Bella, 2nd Thomas Watt – TT, 3rd Katy Good – Gin & Ginger, 4th Ella Heron – Judy, 5th Becca McParland – Dawson, 6th Abbie McMillan - Case.

70cms Horses

Laura Hamilton – Ballinarry Bruno, Rachel McKerr – Trixie

80cms Horses Stephanie Elliott – Flynn, Deirdre Murphy – Suzy, Christina Cash – Pheobe, Lee Simpson – Harry,

90cms Horses Stephanie Elliott – Flynn, Lee Simpson

1.00mt Horse Amanda Galea – Skye, David Agnew – Boris,

1.10mt Horse David Agnew – Boris, Thomas Watt – TT.