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Pretty Marys A at home to Belfast Indoor Bowling Club in the Alexanders Lisburn and district dart league turned a fantastic display of darts taking the spoils 6-2.

Winners for Pretty Marys A. Johnston 2x100. M. Murdock 2x100,140. I. Gardiner 6x100,180,18&20 darts. P. Kirkwood 3x100. P. Presho 4x100,133,140. M. Agnew 2x100.

Bowlers winners. J. Bunting 2x100. M. Ferguson 100,2x140.

Ballymacash welcomed Ballinderry to the Bluebell venue and looked good going into a 2-1 lead alas this was their limit as they went down 6-2. Cash winners. T. Bustard 2x100. P. McKeown 2x100.121 out shot ,21 darts.

Ballinderry winners. G. Rea 4x100,19 darts. N. Brown 2x100,20 darts. W. Hall 100,140. M. Yeats 100,102 out shot 18 darts. E. Moulds 3x100,2x140,17 darts. W. English 3x100.

Second division.

Catch My Pal at home to Pretty Marys was a close affair all the way ending up all square. Catch winners. B. Faulkner 120. N. Ewart 100,121. T. Watson 100,3x140,18 darts. S. McCurley.

Pretty Marys winners. C. Gracey 100,118,180. T. Barnes 100. P. Weir. A. Best.

Reids Corner at home welcomed close neighbours Manor Inn and promptly ran out 7-1 winners with victories for S. Walsh 2x100,2x140. D. McCallister 100,140.

P. McCallister 3x100,140. W. Penny 100. S. Crossey 4x100,2x140,10 darts. A. Hull 3x100. G. Walsh 104 out shot. Manors winner A. Lyness 2x100.

Lisnagarvey League

Anvil 2 Highway 8

Highway took the spoils with an 8-2 win over Anvil in the Lisnagarvey Darts League.

Winning for Anvil were P Ridge(125), M Thompson(100,100) 21 darts.

Hitting the target to take the spoils for Highway were N Cameron (125,180), 17 darts, J Bishorek (100,140) 21 darts, M Kelly(130 o/s), N Baillie(100), S Willis(94 o/s), D Moorehead (100,140,140) 18 darts, E Mullan (100,180) 18 darts, I Kerry.

Beattie B 7 Whites 3

Beattie B winners were F Baird, N Walker (140, 24 darts), T Evans, K Magill, J McHale (2×100), K Watson, S White.

Whites winners were I Crothers (140), S Moulds, H Moulds (100).

Bleachers 5

Sandymount 5

Bleachers winners were S Thompson, I McAllister 115, N Audley 101, J Clarke, C Nixon.

Sandymount winners were C Culbert 100 140, R Heasley, J McCambley 155 22darts, J Neill 140 24 darts, T Heasley.

Derriaghy 3

Downside 7

Derriaghy winners were John Millen 125, A Terrington 100, T Thorpe.

Downside winners were L Neill 180 100 .21 darts, R Somerville 2 x 100, B Mc Michael jnr 100 100+ S Martin 100, J Bishorek jnr 100, S Benson 100,M Wood 100.

Hillsborough A 5

First Blues 5

Hillsborough winners were J Murray 140(C mcclements 100’125)(D Gibson 100)(L Hilland )(D Morgan 100).

Blues winners were B Mawhinney (100,22 darts)B Johnson (100, 140), T Friars (100), G Bell, T Parsons (2x100).

Ballylesson 1

Benmore 9

Ballylesson’s lone winner was I Patterson.

Benmore winners T Dillon (100 x 2, 22 Darts), A Adams (100), R Hamilton (100, 25 Darts), I Ringland (131, 23 Darts), R Williamson (140, 21 Darts), G Walker (100), A Carlisle, A Dalzell (100, 22 Darts), R McClean (125).

Ballymacbrennan 0 Dunmurry 10

Dunmurry took the spoils in style with a magnificent 10-0 win over Ballymacbrennan.

Dunmurry winners: G. Lyttle (100, 23 darts), D. Johnston (100, 140), J. Millen Jnr (100, 20 darts), C. Waterworth (121, 23 darts), DD Lowry, J. Millen Snr (100x2), S. Toole, M. Guy (121, 140), B. Jackson, J. McMullan.