Late fade out costs Lagan Valley

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A late fade out across the green cost Lagan Valley a place in the NIBA Intermediate Cup final when they lost by 13 shots to Antrim at Carrickfergus.

A NIBA official apologised to both teams for the state of the green, which was apparently due to a mix-up with the greenkeeper.

However, Valley were ten shots ahead across the green at ten ends and still eight up at 15 ends, but the 17th end, particularly cost Valley dearly when they dropped a six and two fives. They dropped 21 shots across the green over the last six ends.

Jim Spence was the lone Valley winner and he really kept them in the game. At the tenth Valley were 20-1 ahead and 30-7 ahead at 15 ends, though this rink also lost control over the closing stages though winning by 18 shots.

Down 10-11 at the tenth and 13-15 at 15 ends John Houston was well in the game but only added two shots while dropping ten and that was the losing margin.

At the tenth Jeff Fawcus was 11-9 ahead but dropped five at 15 ends to trail 15-19. Valley lifted a four to keep the margin to much the same and they lost by three shots.

Down 5-15 at the tenth and 9-18 at 15 ends Jim Kinkead dropped a six and lost by 18 shots.

R. McCullough 14, P. Gaffney, A. McIlroyG. Murdoch, J. Spence 32; N. Teer 25, A. Jennings, G. Carruthers, F. Hutchinson, J. Houston 15; D. McCullough 24, B. Hobson, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 21; T. Evans 28, P. Watters, D. McPherson, W. Benson, J. Kinkead 10.

Alton gets the one win

Cloughey 105 (6)

Lisnagarvey B 67 (1)

Lisnagarvey B were well beaten by 38 shots away to Cloughey in NIBA Division 3 and only got a point.

Alton Reid was the winner by a shot, but the home side won comfortably on the other three rinks.

W. Sweelove 24, M. Simpson, B. McMullan, M. Adamson, D. Porter 16; J. Clendinning 18, J. Reilly, R. McBride, J. Nelson, A. Reid 19; D. Thompson 30, N. Whittington, S. McDowell, M. Adamson, D. Rankin 19; S. Bradley 33, A. Smyth, B. McKee, B. Lemon, A. McNevison 13.

Dromore back on song

Dromore 107 (7)

Donaghadee 46 (0)

Dromore were back on song in NIBA Division 2 with a 41 shots win and all seven points at home to Donaghadee, one of their main opponents for promotion.

It was a cruise in the sun for Dromore with Gavin Clinghan leading the way when winning by 28 shots.

Nathan Haire had a 14 shots win, Tom Haire got home by 12 shots and Sammy Malcolmson had seven shots to spare.

A. Matthews, A. Sudlow, G. Dawson, G. Clinghan 34, C. Dorman 6; B. Taylor, R. Malcolmson, W. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 23, D. Erskine 16; W. Steenson, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, N. Haire 26, D. Bell 12; T. Heasley, J. McKenny, B. Graham, T. Haire 24, R. Humphries 12.

Valley gain revenge for Cup defeat

Lagan Valley 87 (6)

Antrim 81 (1)

Lagan Valley gained revenge for their NIBA Intermediate Cup defeat when they met Antrim again in NIBA Division 5 and won by six shots in another closely fought game.

A six and two threes helped Jim Kinkead to a 15-9 lead at the tenth and though dropping a four Valley were 18-16 ahead at 14 ends before winning by seven shots.

Down 0-11 at the sixth Jim Spence lifted a three but was still 9-20 down at 15 ends. Valley lost by 13 shots.

Down 7-8 at the tenth but ahead 11-10 at 15 ends Jeff Fawcus finished with four, one to win by eight shots.

Five threes helped John Houston to a 17-6 lead at the tenth and 22-10 at 15 ends but he needed a three at the last end to win by four shots.

R. Stewart, D. McPherson, W. Benson, J. Kinkead 29, T. Evans 22; P. Gaffney, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 13, R. McCullough 26; W. Hobson, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 19, M. Teer 11; A. Jennings, P. Carruthers, M. Hanna, J. Houston 26, D. McCullough 22.

John gets only Finaghy win

Banbridge B 93 (6)

Finaghy 53 (1)

Finaghy could only manage a point, won by John Campbell, when losing by 40 shots away to Banbridge B in NIBA Division 4.

Campbell had 14 shots to spare and Greg Peacock only lost by three shots.

But Joe Cairnduff and Trevor Flack both lost heavily.

C. Davis 30, W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, J. Cairnduff 6; J. Hamilton 11, H. Wilmont, W. Kingan, E. Ashton, J. Campbell 25; J. Major 19, T. Brown, J. Moore, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 16; P. Short 33, R. Blevings, J. Reilly, T. McKeown, T. Flack 6.

Note: There are no matches tomorrow (Saturday).

Lisnagarvey Ladies

Lisnagarvey travelled to Dungannon on Thursday 2nd July. Dungannon proved too strong for Lisnagarvey who only managed to gain half a point with one rink drawing with 15 shots each.

This rink was led by Iris Scott with Denise Smith, Margaret Snodden and Marion Stevenson playing their part against Ann McKiver’s rink in an exciting finish - with Dungannon snatching a shot on the last end to draw level with Iris’s rink.

The other rinks were Moya McLean, Joyce Lyness, Winifred Cameron and Mae Gibson 10 to M McGrath 15.

Nessie Park skipped Betty Campbell, Mirdza Oak and new comer Liz Fletcher, getting 10 shots against I Eldon’s rink who got12and3/4 shots as one lady on her rink became unwell and had to retire.

Kay McCully’s rink with Sheillagh Stephenson, Marilyn Kerr and Bridie O’Rourke struggled against B McGleenan going down 9 shots to 30.

Despite the defeat the ladies enjoyed the outing and admired the new club house at Dungannon. The next match is at home to Holywood.