Keith is a ‘hot shot’ in Hilden win

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Hilden 88 (6) Ballymena B 78 (1)

Keith Morrison’s rink recorded a “hot shot” at the third end when Hilden recorded an opening home win by ten shots over Ballymena B in Private Greens Division 2.

Morrison went on to lead 17-10 at the tenth and 19-15 at 15 ends and though his rink dropped a double at the last end they still won by a shot.

A three and a four helped Trevor Gray to a 14-8 lead at the tenth and 20-10 at 15 ends before gaining a six shots win.

At the tenth Colin Montgomery was 10-3 ahead and 17-11 five ends later before winning by seven shots.

Down 9-14 at the tenth and 16-18 at 15 ends Jonathan McMullan lost by four shots in a closely contested game.

A. Carlisle, N. Marsden, R. Keag, T. Gray 24, S. Allen 18; A. Morrison, E. Marsden, R. Gourley, C. Montgomery 23, J. Conville 16; W. Scott, D. Sloan, J. Gray, K. Morrison 21, I. Lynn 20; M. McQuillan, J. Liggett, H. McMullan, J. McMullan 20, R. Turkington 24.

Hilden B had no match as Gallaher, who they were due to meet have folded.