Hunter and Martin clash in Jethro final

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Morning section winner, R. Hunter (58 points) and the afternoon top rink, W. Martin will meet to decide overall first and second place at the Jethro Rinks League finals day on Thursday, March 24 at 10.30am.

The third and fourth place will be decided between A. Magee, who finished second with 53 points in the morning section and L. Magennis, who finished on 55 points, the same number as the winner, who had the better shots difference, in the afternoon section.


MORNING SECTION: G. Richardson 16, A. Thompson 8; W. Cairns 5, A. Magee 14; A. Mulligan 13, R. Hunter 13; T. McCartan 17, W. Clinghan 5; C. Maguire 16, R. Neely 12; J. Taylor 13, M. Milligan 18.

AFTERNOON SECTION: N. Orr w/0 S. Irwin; L. Magennis 11, S. Garvey 24; G. Bell 9, N. Conlon 10; S. White 11, N. Garvey 21; J. Mackle 13, G. Devlin 13; B. Boness 9, W. Martin 29.