Hilden aiming for Irish semi-final spot

Hilden will be aiming to reach the semi-final of the Irish Bowling Association Intermediate Cup when they entertain Sydenham tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm.

The Intermediate Cup has only been introduced by the IBA this year and the remaining quarter finalists will all be keen to be the first to inscribe their name on the trophy.

Taking part in the match between Lisnagarvey B and St Stephen's, at Warren Gardens. US1529-513cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Taking part in the match between Lisnagarvey B and St Stephen's, at Warren Gardens. US1529-513cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

There is no real guide to form between Hilden and Sydenham, other than Hilden play in Private Greens Division 2 and Sydenham compete in NIBA Division 2.

It is a big day for Hilden, who have never appeared at this stage of any Irish Cup competition and their performance in the match will probably decide the result.

All the locals will be rooting for the Llwellyn Avenue men and hopefully they produce the right result.

Meanwhile, Lisnagarvey played in the NIBA Senior Cup final last night (Thursday) against Whitehead. There will be a full report in next week’s bowls column.

Hilden slip up in Cup preparations

Forth River 77 (5) Hilden 73 (2)

Hilden may have been looking for a boost before tomorrow’s (Saturday) IBA Intermediate Cup tie, but they failed to get it when losing by four shots away to Forth River in Private Greens Division 2.

They managed to collect two away points thanks to a four shots win for Keith Morrison and Colin Montgomery’s 12 shots success.

Jonathan McMullan lost by 15 shots and Raymyond Gourley by five shots.

J. McMullan 11-26, R. Gourley 17-22, K. Morrison 21-17, C. Montgomery 24-12.

Hilden B lose but get 2.5 points

Hilden B 73 (2.5)

Shaftesbury B 79 (4.5)

Despite losing by six shots Hilden B still took six points at home to Shaftesbury B in Private Greens Division 5.

Two threes gave Drew Harron a 10-8 lead at the tenth but despite lifting a three Hilden were 14-17 down at 15 ends and lost by 19 shots.

Despite lifting a three Robin Campbell was 7-10 down at the tenth and 10-14 at 15 ends but finished with two, five to claim a share of the spoils.

A three helped Max McClean to a 9-6 lead at the tenth and 17-6 at 15 ends before two threes gave him a nine shots win.

Two threes helped Hugh Murray to a 10-7 lead at the tenth and a four made it 16-11 at 15 ends before Hilden won by four shots.

A. Harron, P. Logan, M. Langston, D. Harron 15, J. McAdams 34; E. Finlay, I. Harrison, D. Dawson, R. Campbell 18, G. Baltelo 18; B. Greenan, J. Jordan, M. McClean 18, H. Birnie 9; B. Greenan, L. Finlay, C. Morrison, H. Murray 22, W. Waterworth 18

Malone hit winning form

Falls B 76 (1.5)

Malone 86 (5.5)

Malone travelled to Falls B in Private Greens Division 4 and came away with a ten shots win, netting 5.5 points.

The big win came from Eric Mairs, who had a 12 shots success and Frazer Thompson also won by five shots with Frazer Thompson earning a tie.

David Nelson, who was the winner in the first meeting with Falls, was on the losing end this time, going down by seven shots.

An interesting new signing for Malone is John Grant, from Hilden.

H. Sergeant 15, J. Magee, J. Finlay, B. Carson, F. Thompson 20; R. Gilbert 21, J. Grant, R. Collins, B. Cheyne, T. Monro 21; D. McNally 15, U. Ramsey, J. Wilson, I. McKay, E. Mairs 27; F. McCurry 25, R. Mairs, M. Scott, A. Kerr, D. Nelson 18.

Garvey B take six points

Lisnagarvey B 74 (6)

St Stephen’s 68 (1)

Lisnagarvey B took six points from a six shots home win over St Stephen’s in NIBA Division 3.

Down 7-10 at the tenth Bobby Carroll lifted a five to lead 15-11 at 15 ends and Garvey went on to win by two shots.

A three helped Denis Rankin to an 8-6 lead at the tenth and 13-12 at 15 ends before another three enabled Garvey to win by two shots.

Despite lifting a thre Alton Reid was 6-10 down at the tenth and 12-16 at 15 ends before losing by two shots.

After starting with a five Pat Hughes was 8-10 down at the tenth and though lifting a six it was 14-16 at 15 ends but Garvey came back to win by four shots.

M. Simpson, A. O’Rourke, J. Chapman, B. Carroll 18, P. Montgomery 16; K. Johnston, C. McLean, W. Scott, D. Rankin 19, W. Ferguson 17; S. McDowell, B. Lemon, G. Martin, A. Reid 16, D. Fee 18; A. Smyth, S. Shortt, B. McMullan, P. Hughes 21, A. Aiken 17.

Sammy has his say in three shots win

Dromore B 84 (4)

Glengormley 81 (3)

Sammy Malcomson was the only Dromore winner but this was enough to give them four points at home to Glengormley in NIBA Division 5.

Ahead 13-5 at the tenth and 17-15 at 15 ends Tom Sudlow lost by a shot in a close finish.

Malcolmson was 16-3 ahead at the tenth and 26-8 at 15 ends before winning by 14 shots.

Level 8-8 at the tenth Tommy Wilson was 11-14 down at 15 ends and lost by nine shots.

Down 9-19 at the tenth and 1-14 at 15 ends Alan Sudlow came back only to lose by a shot.

J. Black, S. Harrison, H. Maxwell, T. Sudlow 21, J. Portis 22; T. Ogle, R. Malcolmson, K. Aiken, S. Malcolmson 28, C. Nesbitt 14; K. Poots, K. Dickson, D. Graham, T. Wilson 16, D. Steed 25; J. Kinghan, T. Brown, I. Houston, A. Sudlow 19, T. Morgan 20.

Valley lose by a shot

Castle B 76 (4)

Lagan Valley 75 (3)

Lagan Valley had three winners but they lost by a shot away to Castle B in NIBA Division 5 and had to settle for three points.

George Murdoch was 12-8 ahead at the tenth but 15-17 down at 15 ends before taking the last five ends to win by five shots.

Ahead 13-4 at the tenth but dropping 12 shots without reply over the next five ends Jim Kinkead took the last four ends to win by two shots.

Down 6-11 at the tenth and 11-15 at 15 ends Jim Parkinson lost by ten shots.

At the tenth Jeff Fawcus was 10-7 ahead and 13-12 at 15 ends before getting a two shots win.

J. Bell 18, P. Gaffney, G. Carruthers, W. Hobson, G. Murdoch 23; T. Hoey 18, P. Watters, B. Lemon, W. Benson, J. Kinkead 20; G. Martin 23, A. Jennings, D. McPherson, R. Stewart, J. Parkinson 13; D. Armstrong 17, N. Pratt, M. Blair, M. Hanna, J. Fawcus 19.

Finaghy take two points

Finaghy 64 (2)

Portadown B 81 (5)

Finaghy took two points when they lost by 17 shots at home to Portadown B in NIBA Division 4.

John Campbell was a winner by seven shots and E. Ashton got the other point with a one shot win.

But there were defeats for Trevor Flack, 15 shots and Joe Cairnduff ten shots.

H. Wilmont, W. Kingan, R. Megrath, J. Campbell 21, N. Quinn 14; R. Blevings, J. Reilly, T. McKeown, T. Flack 13, E. Whitten 28; T. Brown, T. S. Campbell, J. Moore, E. Ashton 19, N. Orr 18; W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, J. Cairnduff 11, R. Cassells 21.

Charity coffee morning at Hilden

There will be a charity coffee morning at Hilden Bowling Club on Saturday, August 1 from 10am till 12 noon.

The proceeds are in aid of McMillan Nurses and Prostrate Cancer.

It is hoped there will be a large support for these two worthy causes.

All tomorrow’s local fixtures

All the fixtures involving local teams tomorrow (Saturday), 2pm

NIBA DIVISION 1: Lisnagarvey v Portadown.

DIVISION 2: Dromore v Dungannon.

DIVISION 3: Carrick B v Lisnagarvey B.

DIVISION 4: Finaghy v Annalong.

DIVISION 5: 1st Ballymacarrett v Dromore B, Lagan Valley v Lurgan B.

PRIVATE GREENS DIVISION 2: Salisbury v Hilden.

DIVISION 4: Malone v Willowfield B.

DIVISION 5: Hilden B v Ewarts B.